Grand Mountain Adventure is addictive

I was enchanted by the application of the Swedes from the Toppluva studio. Grand Mountain Adventure is my latest mobile discovery, which I recommend to everyone. Especially since much of the skiing adventure is free.

There is no shortage of ski games in Google Play and the App Store. That's why I won't be surprised if Grand Mountain Adventure does not seem to you an overly interesting title at first. I would also pass by indifferently if I did not see the fragment with the game. That was enough. I immediately bought a Swedish vision for a ski game, presented in an excellent form and with an excellent setting.

Grand Mountain Adventure is a bit like Steep . Only suited to mobile devices.

Steep from Ubisoft is a title prepared by enthusiasts, in which only you, skis (or board or windsuit) and mountains count. You have full freedom of exploration and descents, and the open world is dotted with smaller routes and challenges. That's exactly how it works at Grand Mountain Adventure. Our smartphone has a big mountain with an open structure, on the slopes of which we can undertake many different activities.

Grand Mountain Adventure consists of several interesting activities. In addition to the classic time race along a narrow and clearly defined track, we also have a great free ride. In it, we choose the route ourselves, following the generally designated direction. Slaloms between trees and cleft jumps guaranteed. Added to this are agility challenges, during which we twist spectacular tricks in the air, scoring points for it. Then it is better to change skis for a board.

Thanks to changeable missions and challenges, Grand Mountain Adventure defends itself against repetition. Skiing down the slope we will always find interesting activities. Or the queue leading us to the next summit, where the next challenges are waiting to be taken. Some of them are very arcade, reminiscent of SSX, with avalanches and crazy jumps over the chasms. At other times, the application resembles a semi-professional ski game in which we fight for every hundredth of a second on a closed track.

Graphics and control - these are two great advantages of Grand Mountain Adventure.

Unlike most applications from Google Play and the App Store, GMA is not stylized as a visually simplified fairytale adventure. With proper distance, the game looks really realistic on the mobile phone. The visual layer is very pleasing to the eye, and the developers have taken care of a number of additional effects. Impressions made in the snow are especially impressive. Not only by our avatar, but also by other skiers (NPCs) using the slopes.

I also liked how the Swedes forged a natural disadvantage in the form of a touch screen without physical buttons as an advantage. The control in Grand Mountain Adventure consists of a simple left and right skimming by touching one of the two sides of the screen. Momentum is obtained naturally by going down. There is no boost or jetpack here. If we want to move up, we have to laborious, fast and alternating pressing the sides of the cell or a much more civilized solution: using a roller coaster.

The first mountain in Grand Mountain Adventure is at the expense of the producers.

Creators giving into the hands of players an open environment with many different activities, just in time to get to know this game and discover its greatest advantages. I strongly encourage this because GMA makes a great first impression. Playability pours out of the screen, while the disease of just one turn instantly goes into the bloodstream. The title is addictive at an alarming rate. In turn, if you want to unlock all mountains, the total cost of such a purchase is about 24 zlotys.

Extremely playable Grand Mountain Adventure on Google Play and the App Store .

Grand Mountain Adventure is addictive


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