Google Stadia scores a bad start? Well, then, it will be pre-installed on Android smartphones

Poor communication with users, expensive price list, defective options, poor content - Google Stadia is a completely disappointing service. Therefore, it is not surprising that its creators will now reach for more creative ways to reach new customers.

Google Stadia is like a 55-year-old DJ with disco polo records at the club at Dolne Młyny. It is charming in a way, but it doesn't suit the environment and it doesn't feel the audience. The stadium has, however, far more sins than just strange, numb marketing. Behind the service is great greed and lowering standards that is unfit for a company like Alphabet.

I have heard the failure of the Stadium from the very beginning . The PR service has already lost.

High prices, a thin catalog of games, titles appearing on offer with a significant delay - all this makes Google Stadia is not an interesting service for most players. The attractiveness of Stadia may improve after the service has been integrated with the YouTube platform. However, Google is in no hurry to add the new feature. Instead, he focused on ... In fact, it was difficult to say on what. Certainly not on the implementation of new, hot and desired games to the library.

At the same time, the partially competitive GeForce NOW is out of beta. The Nvidia service is available to everyone. Also in Poland . In addition, it works incomparably better than Stadia. The delay is smaller, artifacts appear on the screen sporadically, and Internet users can enjoy a long, free test period. All this puts Google in a difficult position. The company is running away.

Under the new agreements, Google Stadia will be pre-installed on some smartphones.

The first device with a built-in Stadium will be ASUS ROG Phone 3. You can write that a smartphone dedicated to players fits the Stadium, so there is nothing to raise the discount. However, as a customer, I always prefer to be free to choose. The Google platform is another of a dozen or so applications that I will not be able to uninstall using standard system methods. Another unused trash whose mere presence in memory will irritate me.

It is worth noting that Google Stadia is now available for download by several smartphones outside the Pixel series. You can install the application on top Samsung smartphones, Razer phones and efficient ROG Phones from previous generations. Unfortunately, not in Poland. Google uses a ridiculous method of dividing markets into regions. This problem does not exist in GeForce NOW, operating in our country on Windows and MacOS computers, as well as Android smartphones.

Google Stadia scores a bad start? Well, it will be pre-installed on Android smartphones


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