Google promotes its own competition in search results. Because there is no way out

Google promotes competition in its search results. Do not be afraid, however, this is not a sign of a sudden attack of altruism or a bizarre mistake in the algorithm. The company probably tries to avoid allegations of monopolistic practices. Next.

Google is testing showing alternative search results, at least since April last year, but so far only search engine users from Germany could see such miracles. Now, as Search Engine Land noted , they are also available to residents of other European countries. We were able to see them in Poland.

Or maybe you will look for it at the competition?

In its new search results, Google includes links to knowledge repositories from search engines from other websites - this could be yelp, a well-known doctor or tripadvisor. It shows them in a special box placed between the ads and the map with its own search results.

Google is trying to convince the European Union that it does not favor its services at the expense of competition.

However, competition has a different view on this topic.

Google, having a dominant position in many key markets (search engines, browsers, mobile operating systems), often finds itself under fire from the European Union. Officials in Brussels accuse the company that it uses the popularity of some of its products to promote others in a way not always consistent with applicable rules of the free market game.

In 2018, the European Commission threatened Google with a record penalty of EUR 4.3 billion for using Android to promote its other products (Chrome, Google search engine). In 2017, the company was imposed a penalty of EUR 2.42 billion for using monopolistic practices when promoting the Google Shopping module.

Google is abusing its dominant market position as a search engine by promoting its own comparison of commercial services in search results. This practice is unlawful under EU antitrust laws, explained EU Commissioner Margaret Vestager.

Accusations of how Google's search engine competition is coming back with alarming regularity. Showing that the company is trying to do something about it and is working on pro-competitive solutions may dismiss the specter of further fines cut on Google Union.

It may or may not. The current solution is similar to the one proposed by Google in 2013, when it was rejected by the Commission as insufficient.

Google promotes its own competition in search results. Because there is no way out


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