Google invites you to an exhibition of our ancestors works. They are tens of thousands of years old

Thanks to the cooperation of Google Arts & Culture with Syndicat mixte de l'Espace de restitution de la grotte Chauvet, an exhibition has been created, thanks to which everyone can feel closer to one of the oldest monuments in the world.

The interior of the famous Chauvet cave fascinates not only scientists, anthropologists and artists. The walls of the French grotto ignite the imagination of anyone who would like to know the secrets of humanity. This is undoubtedly one of the most important and fascinating places documenting the development of human culture.

Chauvet Cave, or the cave of forgotten dreams.

Amazing space kept memories of people who could visit her even 37,000 years ago. In the clay ground of the cave, the footprints of our ancestors have been preserved, on the ground you can find traces of the fires they burned, on the walls there are amazing paintings made with their hands. Over 300 animal images look at us from the cave, provoking us to ask ourselves questions about the role of art in the history of humanity, about our culture and history.

Unfortunately, ordinary visitors will not see this live. After it was discovered in 1994, it was decided that the paintings in it are too valuable to expose them to contact with tourists. The cave was closed. The paintings made in it can be admired in the replica located nearby, in films and photographs, and now also in Google Arts & Culture .

Chauvet exhibition: Meet the ancestors.

Thanks to the new project dedicated to the Chauvet Cave, we can immerse ourselves in our earliest history without leaving home. The series of exhibitions includes, among others, 6 3D models, thanks to which we can feel as if we were entering rock depressions to see carefully the paintings created 36 thousand. years ago. If this is not enough for us, in the Google Arts & Culture application we can open a pocket gallery and "enter" into the cave using the magic of augmented reality.

The site of the new project will not be limited to showing only the treasures of Ardèche. At 54 online exhibitions, we'll be able to answer the questions about who the Cro-Magnong man was or why our ancestors created cave paintings at all. As many as 350 fascinating exhibits will bring us closer to the answer.

* The opening photo was taken by David Huguet

Google invites you to an exhibition of our ancestors' works. They are tens of thousands of years old


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