FIFA Ultimate Team is a gambling game. According to French lawyers suing EA

Two French lawyers are suing EA. I keep my fingers crossed for them.

Karim Lahouazi-Morand and Victor Zagury argue that the Ultimate Team mode in FIFA 's unmarked gambling. Their customers were to lose thousands of euros by playing it.

himself bet is playing.

L'Equipe informs that two French lawyers want to compete with EA. The subject of the dispute will be the Ultimate Team mode, which, according to lawyers, is only a poorly veiled gambling game . Buying a pack with random players does not differ much from the good old betting on black or red or pulling the hand of a bandit in the hope of three prosperous lemons. It is a gamble everyone has turned a blind eye to for a long time, what's worse is gambling directed at children, and introduced to thatched roofs by companies that parents trust.

The stories of players who admit that they quickly became addicted to buying loot boxes, parcels, boxes or other types of packaging with digital surprises, there are many. With each subsequent purchase they promised themselves that this one is the last. Interviewee L'Equipe admits that in just five months he spent about 600 euros trying to find any valuable player.

EA: but it's just a surprise mechanics . Surprise, you have debts!

EA defends that her solution is not gambling but "surprise mechanics". One of the arguments is that the player cannot draw cash from the draw of the players. I still don't see how this argument relates to the problem of gambling, but it is raised by Andrew Wilson, CEO of EA, so I consider it my duty to quote it.

There is also often an argument in the discussion about loot boxes that people who spend an irrational amount of money on the game are themselves guilty. After all, we are all adults and we can be fully responsible for our financial decisions ... but no, we can't. There are two categories of players where the use of this type of mechanism is not only ordinary dirty, but in a large part of the world illegal illegal - children and people prone to gambling. In both cases, the argument based on a fully conscious choice does not make sense.

Although politicians in most countries do not see or want to see the problem, there are also some notable exceptions. Among them is Belgium, which was the first to prohibit gambling in the form of lootboxes.

I keep my fingers crossed for the French. Lawmakers must start taking this problem seriously.

EA will pull powerful cannons to fight the French. The money in play is huge. In the previous quarter, the company made almost a billion dollars on micro transactions alone. Most of them thanks to the FIFA Ultimate Team mode.

FIFA Ultimate Team is a gambling game. According to French lawyers suing EA


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