End of chaos of a million cards. Opera 67 presents Contexts

Opera 67 presents the new Contexts function. And if your bane is a hundred open cards that you still get lost in, you'll love it for sure.

The opera may have started the New Year's cleaning late, but it does it in a great style.

Contexts in Opera 67 promise to be delicious.

The opera decided to improve what each of us uses - cards. Sensible management can be a nightmare. Some do by adding the appropriate extensions to the browser, others treat the opening of subsequent windows as creating temporary folders for work or shopping (guilty), while others go as far as having a separate browser for work and for free time (also guilty). All this in the hope of controlling, even to a limited extent, the terrible curse of the Chaos of a Million Cards.

Contexts (Workspaces) are to be a complete antidote to it and it must be admitted that at first glance they look very promising. This tool is designed to help you sort cards for what we need.

In one context, we can keep pages related to work, in the other - going on vacation, in the third - all half-abandoned articles to which we will definitely return * (we immediately understand in this case as at the latest in 15 years). In total, we can have five contexts operating. To easily recognize them, everyone can be properly named and marked with a neat icon.

The contexts are at the very top of the sidebar, the active one is marked in blue.

To create a new context or edit existing ones, click the ellipses at the bottom of the sidebar. If we want to use them to sort out the mess that we already have in the browser, we can easily move open tabs from the appropriate contexts.

Opera Reborn 4 R2020.

In addition to the introduction of Contexts, the new version of Opera offers a number of minor improvements. Its users will quickly learn that they have duplicate tabs on the bar, thanks to the browser highlighting the twins. People who no longer see anything in the maze of bookmarks can see them on the carousel, thanks to the Ctrl + Tab shortcut.

The update to Opera 67 is part of a series of updates called Reborn. As part of them, Opera introduces big changes. Almost three years ago, when the browser first announced its revival, it appeared in the sidebar built-in messengers and black mode.

Reborn2 brought the Flow function. Third critical wallet and faster VPN . R2020 named in accordance with the best traditions of technology companies, completely from the cap in the context of the series, are another really useful features that users should love.

The update should be available to everyone today.

End of chaos of a million cards. Opera 67 presents Contexts


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