Edge wants to be the king of multimedia. Microsoft introduces Dolby Vision support

Xbox One Dolby Vision

Today, Edge is the only browser on the market that can play copy-protected content in Ultra HD. However, Microsoft is not resting on its laurels and is already testing Dolby Vision support.

If you want to watch video content protected by DRM mechanisms against unauthorized copying in full quality on your computer in a web browser, then you basically have no choice. Only Microsoft Edge supports Ultra HD in services such as Netflix. However, this does not result from the special ingenuity of Microsoft engineers, but from the purchase of paid licenses for libraries to support this type of content. What matters to the end user is that it works.

Soon Edge will be enriched with an additional solution. Also paid, so probably also in this case it will be unique for this browser. We are talking about Dolby Vision, which is one of two competing standards to replace HDR10.

Microsoft Edge with Dolby Vision support. But what is Dolby Vision and HDR10?

For today, all video content in HDR (i.e. video with a high tonal range - i.e. looking better) is recorded in the HDR10 standard. All HDR-enabled equipment from the machine supports the HDR10 standard. This HDR10, however, has one drawback: static metadata. So the parameters saved for the entire video clip, instead of to its individual elements.

This problem is solved by two formats that compete for being the successor to HDR10. These are HDR10 + and Dolby Vision. The first of them is open and available to almost anyone interested. The second is a paid option. Both differ in details (Dolby Vision is slightly better, but with negligible features), so it would seem that the battle for obvious economic reasons will be won by an open and recommended by UHD Alliance standard. However, this did not happen. The overwhelming majority of content is created in Dolby Vision, including all new Netflix productions. Content in HDR10 + is surprisingly low.

Edge with Dolby Vision support already in testing.

Dolby Vision support has been introduced to the Dev development channel, it will probably go to the beta channel in a few weeks, and eventually - if there are no problems during testing - will go to the production version of the browser.

The second novelty is the introduction to the auto-complete mechanism of payment card payment data that we have assigned to our Microsoft Account. Until now, the cards remembered in the browser had no connection with those remembered in Microsoft Pay. The function of storing this data and autocomplete can, of course, be turned off.

Edge wants to be the king of multimedia. Microsoft introduces Dolby Vision support


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