Coronavirus stopped Chinese LCD factories. Prices for televisions and monitors will go up

Today, the city of Wuhan is associated mainly with the potentially very dangerous coronavirus. However, this is not all. It is also a place where a significant part of LCD matrix factories is located.

It all started in Wuhan . The coronavirus has put the world on standby, and the city itself, considered to be the source of the dangerous virus, is in quarantine today. This is undoubtedly dangerous and disturbing news, but today we will deal with something a bit different and definitely more trivial. Although probably also something a little closer to Spider's Web readers.

Wuhan is not only a city ​​of coronavirus . It is also a place where there are five large LCD matrix factories used by manufacturers of electronic devices around the world. Due to coronavirus, their activities were suspended. The production center in Wuhan is not the only one in the world or even in China, but the prolonged quarantine is expected to have a real impact on the market.

Coronavirus can make LCD monitors and TVs more expensive

These assumptions are confirmed by the IHS Markit analysis . In the coming months, the international market is expected to hit about 15 percent. fewer LCD matrices than expected. This means - according to IHS calculations - an increase in the average price per pan by about $ 5. It is worth remembering, however, that we are talking about the wholesale price of the component - the prices of finished products for consumer turnover are likely to increase by an infinitely greater amount.

What? This is what no analytical company is currently trying to predict. Much depends on the countermeasures of the equipment manufacturers and the tactics they adopt in connection with this crisis. There is probably no reason to panic or mass purchase of LCD monitors and TVs from stores. However, if you are seriously considering buying such a device in the near future, I advise you to make a decision as soon as possible. You will probably benefit from it.

Coronavirus stopped Chinese LCD factories. Prices for televisions and monitors will go up


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