Coronavirus spreads on Facebook. The site is fighting fake news

Facebook has taken measures to limit the spread of false information and "miraculous" pseudotherapy regarding coronavirus.

Coronavirus is spreading faster than SARS, ebola or swine flu . The number of patients exceeded 80,000 and the number of victims 2,700. people. A wave of false virus information is spreading in parallel. In our native yard, writing was sniffed at by Jerzy Zięba , who advised avoiding doctors if he noticed the symptoms of the disease and offered treatment by intravenous injection of perhydrol. He spread his nonsense, among others via YouTube.

Facebook is fighting the coronavirus .

Already in January, Facebook announced that false content about coronavirus would be removed.

Our global network of fact-checking organizations is working on checking content and unmasking false claims that are spread in connection with coronavirus. When they consider the information to be false, we limit its spread on Facebook and Instagram and show people accurate information from these partners. We also send notifications to people who have already shared or are trying to share such content to ask them to check the facts - wrote Facebook.

The website also announced the removal of false content and conspiracy theories detected by health care organizations. It is primarily about content that may threaten individuals as well as groups about false therapies, as proposed by Jerzy Zięba. Hashish associated with the virus were also under control.

Now Facebook is also introducing restrictions on advertising related to the virus. A company spokesman informed Business Insider journalists that the website implemented a ban on coronavirus advertising. These are advertising messages that are supposed to guarantee cure or prevention of the virus, built on the mechanism of "urgent need" and necessity.

Facebook spokesman claims that the above rules apply not only to the news channel, but also to the Marketplace announcement platform.

You can make money on coronavirus.

Coronavirus has become a fast-earning method for some sellers. Big companies are trying to respond to this phenomenon in different ways. Amazon began to inform partners who offer more expensive face masks that their price is not in line with the platform's policy.

Currently, mask prices on Amazon can be up to four times higher than a few weeks earlier, and the company is to warn dishonest entrepreneurs against the ban.

The situation is so complicated that the demand for such products has increased rapidly. Wired reports that only 5 percent. masks sold in the United States were produced in this country. Most will come from China and Mexico.

It should be remembered that masks of this type should not be considered an effective measure against coronavirus infection . However, they undoubtedly help to limit the spread of the virus when sick people wear them.

Coronavirus spreads on Facebook. The site is fighting fake news


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