Chrome will change colors like a chameleon

Progressive Web Apps installed using Chrome have one and the same window border for now. However, it will be easy to tell them apart soon. That's Microsoft's idea.

Not so long ago, Microsoft introduced to the Edge browser the function of window coloring of individual PWA applications. Thanks to this, it is easy to find the right one we are currently looking for in the thicket of open windows on the Desktop.

However, this feature was not designed with Edge in mind. Coloring of PWA frames is a change that Microsoft has proposed to the Chromium browser on which the mentioned Edge is based. Now the rest of the developers of this browser are introducing it to their overlays. Including the most important, i.e. Google.

PWA in Google Chrome with colored frames. To easily distinguish individual applications.

chrome pwa colors

Edge is a very successful browser, but most of us use Chrome anyway, so it installs PWA. Fortunately, these colorful frame will go to the browser - the editors Techdows spotted relevant information on Google's developer platform.

The color is not chosen accidentally. Chromium browsers will select it based on the overall color scheme of the application. Frame coloring is expected to be available until the next Chrome Canary update, i.e. the early test version of Google's Chromium overlay. This means that in a few weeks this new product will also go to the production version of Chrome.

Chrome will change colors like a chameleon


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