Better late than never. The Polish office warns against Bestcena and Dragonist

The Office of Competition and Consumer Protection issued a special statement in which it warns consumers against shopping at and stores.

Darker clouds are gathering over the stores and We have recently reported the unfair practices of these "stores" , although in fact the term "rental" would be better suited. The regulations contain provisions stating that the goods are de facto borrowed, not sold. Few people knew about it, and consumers used the offer tempted by very attractive prices.

The spiciness of the case is given by the fact that both and cooperated with Polish technology youtubers. We have explained this matter further in our film.

What's next with Bestcena and Dragonist stores? UOKiK enters the case.

A statement appeared on the website of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection in which the office warns against purchases at and In the press release we read that UOKiK received many complaints about stores that did not provide sufficient information about the nature of the contract concluded with the consumer. In other words: they offered to rent instead of selling.

Watch out for entities that rent equipment instead of entering into a sale contract with us. UOKiK will analyze the regulations and rules of operation of the online stores listed above - says Tomasz Chróstny, President of UOKiK.

UOKiK emphasizes that the sellers at and are entities based in Great Britain and the United States.

UOKiK will thoroughly review the regulations of stores.

Officials will analyze the regulations in terms of law. UOKiK emphasizes that the lease agreement raises many questions, because it is not known how the renting company will behave when the equipment is damaged or stolen.

There is also a question about resale of such equipment. Polish customers willingly bought smartphones in store offers, and we know of cases when they were resold later. In theory, this is normal practice, but in practice, in the case of renting, resale is a breach of law.

If you want to learn more about suspicious practices of Polish electronics stores, read our texts. It all began with the discovery that Bestcena's regulations are extremely complex.

  • Bestcena did not sell phones. She rented them and it is possible that customers will have to give them back .

Then it turned out that Bestcena is not the only example of potential abuse. Dragonist can operate on similar principles.

  • Second Best Price? She bought a smartphone at and instead of an invoice she received information about the deposit .

However, this is not the end. We were able to find out that parent companies are pulling the strings.

  • The Best Price is the tip of the iceberg. Turbado and Kulm created a network of companies and went into debt .

We will keep you updated on further developments, including the next steps of UOKiK.

Better late than never. The Polish office warns against Bestcena and Dragonist


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