Best network guarantee or T-Mobile money back - 30 days to terminate the contract without fees and penalties

T-Mobile announced today its 5G , but this is not the only novelty in the offer of this operator. The network has decided that it will not force clients who are not satisfied with the quality of services with them.

Mobile operators love subscribers who, after signing the contract, pay for services for the money specified in the contract for the following months and years. However, there is a problem if for some reason the subscriber is unable to use the services paid on a monthly basis. This leads to numerous unnecessary short circuits.

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Unfortunately, due to the nature of mobile networks, operators are rarely able to agree with the client that the poor coverage at his place of residence is a sufficient reason to terminate the contract by mutual agreement. A frustrated subscriber who pays for a service that does not meet expectations is not only a profit for the operator, but also a big problem.

The consultants then have to receive reports and extinguish fires on social media.

T-Mobile claims that consumer satisfaction is more important to the company than revenues from selling subscriptions to people who would then complain about coverage. Instead of persuading everyone to sign contracts, the breaking of which is very expensive, the telecom started a campaign called "Best network guarantee or money back".

t-mobile poland 5G quality you love 6

This is part of the "Without Nonsense" campaign, in which the operator deals with another "absurdity existing in the telecommunications industry". People who after purchasing access to subscription services will not be satisfied with their quality, will now be able to resign from the offer within 30 days of signing the documents. They will then receive a full refund.

This applies to the costs of activation, subscription and the price of the phone while reducing bureaucracy to a minimum.

The operator wants customers to decide on the T-Mobile offer, i.e. the new S, M and L subscriptions as well as prepaid services, to make an informed decision. Telekom has a lot of confidence here, but it has good reasons. The network reminds that it can boast of the largest number of satisfied customers - the company won first place in the TRIM ranking.

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As part of the "Best Network Guarantee or Money Back" offer at T-Mobile, customers can buy not only access to a SIM card, but also phones for PLN 1. These are, for example, Xiaomi Redmi Note 8T in the option for 89 PLN per month, Nokia 6.2 in the option for 99 PLN per month or Samsung Galaxy A51 in the subscription for 129 PLN per month. Other equipment will also be available.

How to terminate the contract at T-Mobile as part of the "Best network guarantee or money back" campaign?

To cancel a subscription without a phone, simply complete the return form and the document of withdrawal from the contract and provide them to the operator - by traditional or electronic mail or by handing them over to the consultant in the salon. In the case of an offer with a telephone, you have to go to the store where you bought the device or send it to the address provided (in the case of online orders).

t-mobile poland 5G quality you love 6

"Best network guarantee or money back" also applies to pre-paid offers where long-term contracts are not concluded, which is a very pleasant surprise. 30 days to withdraw from the contract have consumers who decide on the Frii tariff and within 30 days of making the first call activate the offer "No limit with 10 GB and Supernet Video for PLN 30".

Also in this case, formalities are kept to a minimum, and there is a method in this madness.

There is nothing to complain about Polish networks, especially if you compare them with those operating in the West , but none of the operators offers optimal coverage anywhere in the country. Due to low PEM standards, which were raised only recently after years of waiting , there are regions where the LTE network is full and white spots on the coverage map are still happening.

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The problems do not have to be due to the operator's bad will, but can be the result of, for example, protests against the construction of base stations. The situation can be improved by 5G , and T-Mobile Polska plays long-term. If the telecom today gives away other customer networks voluntarily without alienating them, it will be easier for them to recover them in the future when they run away from less forgiving competition ...

Best network guarantee or T-Mobile money back - 30 days to terminate the contract without fees and penalties


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