Bank Pekao has prepared an offer for buyers of hybrids, electric scooters or replacing coal furnaces

Need money to replace a coal-fired boiler, heat pump house installations or to replace windows and doors? Pekao starts with the "Take care of a good climate" campaign, under which it proposes "Express Loan for ecological purposes".

According to government announcements, in the first quarter of 2020 the Central Building Emissions Register is to be created. This database will gather information about the heat source, electricity source and fuel combustion source up to 1 MW, which does not require a permit. Ultimately, we will also find information about the inspections carried out, of which interest were heat sources or chimney flues, or the overall energy performance of the building. The assumptions are to be an impulse for more lively than before using such programs as "Clean Air" or "Stop Smog".

However, it turns out that today, wanting to change your own energy source into a more ecological one, we do not have to rely solely on government programs. There are more and more such offers in the proposals of financial institutions operating in our country. An example is Bank Pekao SA, which has just started to offer a loan for ecological purposes .


Pekao urges: "Take care of the good climate"

The bank is launching the "Take care of a good climate" campaign, as part of which it will be offering the "Express Loan for ecological purposes".

Thanks to the new offer "Express loan for ecological purposes" we offer our clients - both new and existing ones - the possibility of a positive impact on the natural environment in which we live. Ecology is extremely important to us and that's why we move from words to deeds - says Wojciech Werochowski, Director Individual Customer Credit Products Department at Bank Pekao SA

The money thus obtained can be used to buy an electric or hybrid car, scooter or motorcycle with electric drive, but also to replace the coal furnace, purchase of a heat pump, purchase of solar collectors and photovoltaic cells, and replacement of doors and windows. If at least 80 percent the amount will be allocated for any of these purposes - Pekao will borrow from 5 to 50 thousand. zł. The repayment period can be spread over any period, but it cannot be longer than 10 years. This special offer of Bank Pekao SA is valid until the end of June 2020.

Bank Pekao is becoming more and more green

The "Take care of a good climate" campaign is another proof that Bank Pekao SA is becoming more and more eco-friendly. It is worth recalling that after the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development's investment in Pekao bonds (PLN 128.5 million in October 2018 and PLN 70 million in June 2019), the bank has committed to allocate the equivalent of 150 percent. EBRD investment value for financing projects improving energy efficiency.

And so Bank Pekao SA stands, among others for launching a financial line intended to increase energy efficiency for small and medium enterprises in the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship. Similarly, in May last year, a loan was granted for the construction of the largest onshore wind farm in Poland - in Potęgowo in Pomerania. Plans for the future of Pekao are going in the same direction. By the end of this year, the bank wants to install photovoltaic installations on 20 of its buildings, while others will be gradually modernized.

* The material was created in cooperation with Bank Pekao SA

Bank Pekao has prepared an offer for buyers of hybrids, electric scooters or a coal stove


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