Assange says Donald Trump promised him a pardon in exchange for a favor

Julian Assange's lawyers say President Trump has offered him a presidential pardon for a small favor. The favor would apply to the Russians, Hilary Clinton and the previous election of the American head of state.

Julian Assange is currently in London, where he will soon start a legal fight to avoid extradition to the United States. It was before the court in Westminster that the lawyers announced that their client had already in 2017 received from Donald Trump the promise of a presidential pardon in exchange for a public statement that it was not the Russians who were the source of the democratic party's email leakage in 2016 during the previous presidential campaign.

If you tell me where you got the information, the president will acquit you.

Similar statements have been made before, but this time the lawyers say for the first time that the offer was only to be made by Dan Rohrabacher, a Republican congressman from California, and Donald Trump himself was the real initiator. Of course, both of these revelations deny.

Congressman confirms that he spoke to Assange but not on the president's order. He said then that if he published his sources of information about the e-mail scandal, he would call the president himself and try to get him a pardon. However, he strongly denies that his actions were inspired by Trump. The White House press spokesman adds that Congressman and President Trump barely know each other and have never discussed Assenge. Advocate revelations, they say, are sucked from the finger.

The leakage of emails from the Democrats committee was an important point in the presidential campaign.

The famous leak of Democrat emails during the last presidential campaign in the United States not only compromised the party in general, but Hilary Clinton, then the presidential candidate in particular. In addition, the scandal broke out in a time very fortunate for the current president and effectively diverted attention from allegations of sexual harassment directed at Trump.

It has long been suspected that it was the Russians who could stand behind hacking into Democrats' mailboxes and provide WikiLeaks information from them. Their involvement in the presidential campaign has been widely discussed since the elections themselves, and President Trump has often had to defend himself against allegations of cooperation with Putin and his intelligence. That is why the words of Assenge's lawyers find their way onto such fertile ground. The accused himself claims that the charges against him are dictated by political considerations.

If his extradition to the States comes to fruition, 28 charges await him, including the disclosure of secret information stolen. If he is found guilty, his sentence may be 175 years (Americans love to sum up the sentence).

Assange says Donald Trump promised him a pardon in exchange for a favor


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