Amazon in Polish - how does it work, how to pay and how to order to Poland? We suggest how to start is about to start soon . The Polish edition of this e-commerce platform can become a serious competitor of Allegro. We are still waiting for it to open to Polish sellers, but customers can already order products to Poland. Relatively few, however, know about it, which is why we explain how Amazon works.

Amazon is a company founded in 1994, which is a symbol of the e-commerce market. Its founder is Jeff Bezos, who began his adventure with online trading by selling paper books. Not because I love them - he considered them to be the product he would earn the easiest way to start. It draws its strength from personalized recommendations - just like Netflix, which was created around the same time, the VOD market leader.

How does Amazon work?

In almost three decades, Amazon has pushed books into the background and allowed other sellers to enter its e-commerce platform. He became a hegemon on this western internet and plays in the same league as the Chinese giant Alibaba and Aliexpress, and is successful not only in online retail.

Today Amazon is also one of the most important players in the world of cloud computing next to Google and Microsoft. He also took over many entertainment companies and expanded the e-book market. The principle of the store's operation, however, remains as simple as the flail design.

The purchasing process has been simplified to the limit.

The company, thanks to the extensive supply network, which is also implemented quickly to Polish addresses - because it is our logistics centers and its largest printing house in the region that are located - gaining the recognition of many customers. The giant is allowed by the scale at which Amazon operates today, which already employs over 0.5 million people.

For a company of this size, more important than the profit from a single transaction is the good opinion of all customers. Thanks to this, the company, even if it doesn't make money on the first purchase, doesn't discourage it and probably will reflect on it later. So the question remains, how to buy properly at Amazon in Polish .

Amazon in Polish - how to start?

Amazon is a global company and has branches in many different countries. It is true that under the domain, the local store does not yet work and directs to the German view, but we live in a global village and the products can be ordered in theory from any Amazon - whether from (United States) or from .uk (United Kingdom), (Italy) etc.

There is also an Amazon mobile application for smartphones and tablets with Android and iOS systems. Fortunately, you only need to download it once and you can switch directly from one local store to another in it. And as with e-books in the English language version, the store from the United States will work best, so ordering packages from it makes little sense.

Which local Amazon store should you choose?

You just have to remember that Amazon sells products itself, but it is also a platform for other sellers. Often, delivery options to Poland are limited and not everyone agrees to ship products abroad. In addition, for such shipping, e.g. from overseas, you have to pay dearly.

It used to be that goods were ordered through intermediaries, but those times are over. Amazon recommends customers from Poland to use the store, where very often you don't even have to pay for shipping to a Polish address, and paid options do not cost a fortune. In addition, the German page has been translated into our language.

Amazon in Polish - how to set the language ?

By default, is available in German, but that's okay. The language change button is located just to the right of the main search box.

How to order to Poland from Amazon ?

To buy products on Amazon, all you have to do is create an account and provide your payment card details and delivery address. The purchasing process itself looks almost the same as in all other online stores, but it has been deprived of any unnecessary steps that could distract the customer.

It came to the point that after creating an account, purchases at Amazon can be made with just one click. If this does not sound overly impressive today, it is only because it is the company of Jeff Bezos that we owe to this function, which was picked up by other e-commerce platforms. Amazon developed it and even patented it.

Many people may also wonder how to order products bought from Amazon at Polish addresses.

Once it was not so simple and required the participation of intermediaries who received the parcel in Germany and sent it again to the Polish address, but fortunately it is already behind us. Amazon works like any other online store and in most cases the store does not cause problems with shipping to Polish addresses.

It is true that there are still products that you can not officially order from Germany - among them there are, interestingly, even readers from the Kindle family of Amazon's own production - but fortunately this is rare. The store obviously informs about this before withdrawing money from the account.

Amazon - how to pay ?

The basic payment method in the Amazon store is a payment card connected to the account and the funds are collected from it. Once you had to use credit cards, but the company has no problem processing payments made with debit cards. It's important that they have an appropriate online payment limit.

In addition, various other payment methods are available, including adding a bank account in euros, payments using Przelewy24 and payments using the iDeal service, monthly invoicing and Bancontact payments. To choose, to color, and the full list is available on the website .

When shopping, you just have to remember that Amazon will add tax and propose Euro prices at its rate. It may turn out that buying using a currency or multi-currency card or through a service such as Revolut will turn out to be slightly more paid, but it depends on the offer of a particular bank.

It is also worth noting that both new and used products can be bought at Amazon. The latter are usually clearly cheaper, but the store always means well what we buy on the list of various variants of a given item. You just have to remember that the delivery is not always carried out by the developers of the platform.

Shipping cost, delivery time, free delivery and returns at .

The delivery price depends primarily on the type of product and whether we care about time. The current price list can be found on the Amazon website . At the date of publication of all eligible products from a German store to Poland in one day costs EUR 11.99.

In turn, for express delivery, which lasts from 2 to 4 business days, you pay only 6.99 euros, but in this case we are talking about products that have been qualified for this delivery by the store. For most other items, delivery costs 5.99 euros and takes 3-5 business days.

When it comes to music, DVDs, software and video games - but without consoles - you can wait for such a shipment from 3 to 5 days, but you pay 4.99 euros. In the last two cases, however, you can count on free delivery. It's enough that the entire order amounts to at least 39 euros.

Amazon reserves, however, that "in some cases items from different orders can be combined in a single delivery." On the page you can also read "For some items, delivery costs will be different, because due to their properties, these items require higher delivery costs", but the store informs you with every purchase.

When it comes to returns, here is nothing to complain about, because Amazon is very pro-client . It is also interesting when Amazon Prime will be launched in Poland, i.e. a subscription providing free delivery and other perks. I can't wait because I recently fell in love with Allegro Smart .

Amazon in Polish - how does it work, how to pay and how to order to Poland? We suggest how to start


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