Air purifier - worth buying?

For over two months I have been the owner of an air purifier (model Sharp UA-HG60E-L). Over time, I learned much more about it than from any advertising flyer or any YouTube video. Therefore, if you are also considering buying such equipment yourself, I will gladly help a bit.

My air purifier is Sharp UA-HG60E-L and based on this device I built the following list of advantages, disadvantages and tips. Of course, each purifier is slightly different, and also different in function and parameters. However, when it comes to the basic principle of operation, it is always similar. Therefore, almost any of the following points can be treated as a universal truth, which applies to the vast majority of devices available on the market. Now we'll begin:

[+] The air in the room is measurably cleaner

It will not surprise anyone that the air purifier ... cleans the air. Using measurements of an external smog level measuring instrument (Laser Egg 2), after a day of filtering, the value of AQI (universal pollution meter) in my salon has dropped tenfold: from 103 to 11 points. At the same time, the AQI value outside the window was 168 points. Measurements were made in Katowice and concerned small solid particles (PM 2.5).

How do AQI values ​​relate to real life? The air is rated on a point scale from 0 to 500 points. If the measurement shows 0 - 50 AQI, it is clean air. The 50 - 100 AQI range indicates normal air, still acceptable. The value of 100 - 150 is already a threat to vulnerable people: people with allergies, the chronically ill and so on. When AQI reaches 150-200 points, we are talking about unhealthy air. The value of 200-300 is very unhealthy air with a serious health risk, while air with AQI measurement between 300 and 500 points is a direct threat to human life.

Before Sharp UA-HG60E-L appeared in the living room, the air in my apartment was a threat to sensitive people. Now I know that I breathe clean air, or at least almost free from PM2.5 particles which are the main components of smog. However, the awareness that we are dealing with almost 20 times worse air outside the window is frightening.

[-] The air doesn't smell like violets, and you don't turn into a Disney princess

Watching the ads of air purifiers you get the impression that as soon as you turn on such a device, the user moves to another, better world. The air is filled with beautiful scents, a fresh sea breeze hits our nostrils, and a refreshing mountain wind blows our hair. Birds from Disney cartoons sit on our shoulders, and we begin to dance to the music played out of nowhere. It's not like that. It's really not like that.

I guarantee you that unless you are in extremely smelly, smoky and polluted surroundings, you will not feel an immediate change. Your life will not fall over 180 degrees. You will not be able to feel that you are breathing cleaner - and healthier - air. If someone claims otherwise, they either live in extremely bad conditions or have an advertising effect of placebo. An air purifier is not a scented pendant in a car.

[+] Sleeps better. Thanks to moisturized air

Sharp UA-HG60E-L is equipped with an evaporative humidifier. Just open and slide out the side panel, pour water into it, re-seat it in place and it's ready. In addition, the purifier signals itself when there is a lack of water using the icon on the screen. If we want, we can also activate the request for liquid exchange with a sound signal. What I personally advise against. It is better to get into the habit of daily filling the tank with fresh water.

According to the sensor, the air humidity in my apartment has increased from 30 percent. up to 55 percent This change is best felt during sleep and naps. I don't want to use a banal and extremely immeasurable slogan here: you sleep better . I can assure you that the dry throat effect is less. The cracked lips disappear. Scratching in the esophagus disappears. These are positive changes that not only me, but also the other household member noticed.

PS The optimal level of humidity in the house or apartment should be between 40 and 60 percent.

[-] Migraines, infections - all the old way

In my naivety, I quietly hoped that putting a purifier in the apartment would have a beneficial effect on typical human ailments. For example, for my regular migraines or bacterial infections that end in illness. Nothing of that. No magic has worked and the device does not spit healing potions.

During more than two months of using the purifier, a monstrous migraine caught up with me, and my fiancee attracted nasty flu from work. The purifier has no wonderful properties, thanks to which the patient gets up faster or defends himself better against infections. You know it, I know it, but it is worth emphasizing.

[+] No more questions: did you cook something ? The purifier eliminates odors

Life is structured in such a way that sometimes good things have unpleasant consequences. Let's take a liver with onion. It is delicious, but when frying it emits such an intense smell that later we can feel it everywhere. Also on clothes. It is not enough to ventilate the whole apartment for several hours. In such situations, the air purifier can be very helpful, mainly due to the carbon filter.

My Sharp was able to handle the smell of fried sausage, but it took almost an hour. The device itself has detected an unfavorable smell and new particles floating in the air. Then he took action, increasing turnover. After an hour, the LED again showed clean air, and there was no sign of the smell. All this with the windows closed.

How do I know that the bad smell has been removed? The best tester in this case is the bride returning from work. When I fry something in a frying pan and then ventilate the flat, the question is always what I both cooked up. Remains of the fragrance are felt for her right after crossing the hall, regardless of my efforts. Since the purifier stands in the salon, however, it is different. Unpleasant smells can actually be hidden. It takes at least an hour, but it is possible.

[-] The purifier must be taken care of. Clean and maintain.

If you think that the air purifier is enough to turn on and you can forget about it, you will be unpleasantly surprised. This is a sensitive device that needs proper care. Otherwise, instead of cleaning the air, the equipment can further help dust, bacteria and pollution move around the house or apartment. Without even reading the instructions carefully, don't even try to start a new cleaner.

In my experience, filters need to be cleaned at least once a month. Fortunately, all you need is a standard vacuum cleaner. It is better to clean the evaporation filter by the water tank more often. I prefer to refresh this element at least once every two weeks. Otherwise, terrible lumps appear on the filter, which are easy to clean, but are repelling. Therefore, the weekly general cleaning of the apartment should be extended to the maintenance of the air purifier. This is definitely not turn on and forget.

[+] Refresh your hat, jacket, bicycle helmet ...

My Sharp UA-HG60E-L has a special mode of operation, named by the manufacturer Spot. Turning it on, the purifier concentrates the air flow on one of the two nozzles, creating strong gusts in a clearly defined direction. Working at a higher speed, the equipment bombards with ions, eliminating bacteria, viruses, pollution, mites and odor. In this way, we can refresh, for example, a wardrobe, without having to throw things into the washing machine.

Spot mode lets you tear out a piece of clothing from this characteristic limbo, which is the condition: not yet washable, but no longer wearable . With the help of the Spot, I was able to completely ventilate the bicycle helmet and remove the smell of cigarettes from my jacket. Although advertised as an add-on, the function is very practical. Most importantly: it works. Clothing after such a few hours of ion bombing really does not smell and is refreshed. Just in time for a visit from smokers or guests with a dog. Of course, this type of technology will never replace solid laundry.

[-] The lifetime of filters is nothing to do with ads.

The key element of the purifier are the filters installed in it. Manufacturers are outdoing themselves with assurances as to how long these types of elements will last. Two years, five years, ten years - we see advertising slogans of this type, which unfortunately have little to do with reality. Can a filter last ten years? Sure. Unless we ever use it and take it out of the foil wrap. Then there is a chance.

In practice, filter replacement should be carried out every season or every two heating seasons. Which is a problem, because such elements cost a lot. Fortunately, the prices of originals can drop significantly within one year. However, luck in unhappiness is also the rapidly growing fake market, i.e. replacements. The situation is a bit like the one with printers and inks. It's best to have originals, but it's hard to blame people for trying to reduce expenses.

[+] It's quiet

One of the biggest fears of people considering buying an air purifier is the noise it produces. Of course, how many devices, so much data and measurements about the sound. However, in the case of the Sharp UA-HG60E-L model I was very positively surprised by the culture of action. Thanks to the intelligent mode (with built-in night mode), the purifier noise has never been a problem for me or the household.

Regular readers of Spider's Web know I'm an avid player. When I play with friends over the network, the purifier is less than two meters away from me. However, my comrades-in-arms have NEVER whined about the noise coming from my microphone to their headphones. Friends with whom I play on the network complain about the howling of my PlayStation 4 Pro three meters away, but the cleaner working twice closer is not a problem.

Sharp UA-HG60E-L is a clever beast. Operating in intelligent mode, the device uses a motion sensor, light, humidity, temperature, smell, dust and PM2.5 particles. If the equipment discovers that it is already dark outside the window or the light in the room has been turned off, it switches to the quietest mode of operation. Then the slight hum does not bother at all. It even puts you to sleep - I've already had several afternoon naps right next to the purifier.

[-] Watch out for the declared area and range of the purifier.

Pay special attention to the declared range of the device. When it is, e.g. 50 sq m, we are talking about the area served when the machine is operating at the highest speed, in the highest mode, with the most intensive use of filters. This type of purifier work is a special situation. For example, when frying a meal or after opening windows, when terrible smog scares outside.

If the purifier is operated in a standard configuration, its efficiency is reduced by half on average. Therefore, when you read about the coverage of 50 sq m, it is best to put the device in an apartment up to 30 sq m. Keep this in mind when buying your own equipment. The declared maximum value has nothing to do with everyday, standard machine operation. Not to mention work in quiet / night mode, when the range decreases by another few meters.

[+] Air purifier as air conditioning? Maybe a little…

Reading the instructions for the Sharp UA-HG60E-L model I found information about the possibility of lowering the air temperature in the apartment, using evaporative air humidification. The manufacturer suggests that on really hot days pour cold running water into the tank, and then throw a few or several ice cubes there. Although we still have a few months to summer, I decided to conduct an experiment.

First, I poured the coldest tap water possible, and then poured a dozen or so small ice cubes into the tank. When I turned on air humidification, I managed to lower the room temperature by two degrees. Not much, but still. These two degrees can really help on a hot summer. However, keep in mind that this is a temporary effect that will not last throughout the day. If you don't have a powerful ice cube maker in the fridge, it's fun in the long run. Which doesn't change the fact that I got goosebumps and Sharp chilled me properly.

[*] Great unknown: allergens

In the end I left the biggest unknown. It's all about allergic reactions. This Sharp UA-HG60E-L has a special Pollen function against allergens. However, even when operating in basic mode, the patented Plasmacluster technology based on positive and negative ions is to deal with pollen and other allergens. Unfortunately, for obvious reasons, I still could not test it.

That is why I am waiting for the arrival of March when the first grass pollens give me a hard time to smoke. I am very curious how my allergy will confront an air purifier. If I can defend myself against a strong allergic reaction, this will be another important reason for buying a purifier. However, this fight is still ahead of me.

Air purifier - buy, not buy?

Instead of a long answer, let me quote the effect achieved shortly after installing the machine in the apartment. The pollution in my salon has been reduced by a factor of ten. The AQI Universal Smog Meter broke the value from 103 to 11 points. If someone takes the threats of smog seriously, it's hard to get a better comment. The numbers speak for themselves. There is not much room for polemics here.

The air purifier does not make us suddenly feel crisp like on a spring trip in a fragrant forest. I have no doubt that we sleep better. Clothes don't smell like cigarettes or street smoke. We don't have cracked lips in the morning and my nose (crooked chamber) finally got rid of the morning morning impurities. The air is twice as moist, which has a real and noticeable impact on the quality of our everyday lives. Small but has.

As for my loved ones, when it comes to people whose life and health I care about - yes, I would buy an air purifier for the second time. Even to the child's room.

Air purifier - worth buying?


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