5G, SI, big data, automation and care for the environment - the most important business trends for 2020

Undoubtedly, the first commercial implementations of the 5G network will be the biggest event on the mobile market in the coming year. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg of changes related to digitization in the business world. We are looking at trends for 2020, among which are also artificial intelligence, robotics, and cyber security.

5G, neural networks, machine learning and big data - these will be key words for the next 12 months. It is still too early for a breakthrough in quantum computers, but further development of artificial intelligence can be expected. Processing and analyzing large data sets, including unstructured ones such as images, video or voice, improves enterprises.

Artificial intelligence in business

Process automation may or may not be many companies, not just in the world of new technologies. Cutting operating costs by putting computers to work will keep businesses competitive in a crowded market. In turn, those entities that do not deal with it will lose their profitability compared to the competition.

Unfortunately, data processing and transmission on a macro scale has a growing negative impact on the environment. Fortunately, the coming year and the following years may be a time of increased concern for our common home. As humanity, we slowly see the need to care for the natural environment, and business will have a large share in saving the planet.

We expect companies to use energy more efficiently and their products to be more nature-friendly .

Fortunately, more companies care about the environment and, e.g., minimize paper consumption. At the beginning of this year, Poczta Polska in cooperation with Orange announced the extension of the Mobile Postman program, thanks to which you can receive letters on your tablet . In turn, the orange operator in all of its showrooms - both own and partner - eliminated the need to print documents .

Moving away from paper in showrooms was possible thanks to the use of a biometric signature. The solutions implemented since 2017 in cooperation with Infinite are secure, because such a signature cannot be transferred to another document using the copy-paste method. In addition, electronic document circulation in the company is faster than paper due to the aforementioned Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

Pollution of the planet, however, is not the only threat that awaits us.

Digitization present in almost every area of ​​our lives and business activities can cause attacks using computers, company smartphones and even monitoring cameras. As a society, in the coming months, we should focus on how to defend ourselves against this.

As shown by the data of the World Economic Forum, in each region of the world already more than 25 percent. the attacks have to do with mobile devices . There is also a thesis that the cybernetic cold war awaits us. Therefore, it should not come as a surprise that cyber security services are becoming increasingly important. To protect its customers, Orange has been developing Cyber ​​Shield for years , available for mobile devices .

Thanks to it, customers are protected not only directly on their devices - such as phones, tablets and computers - but also from the operator's network. Artificial intelligence can be a great help in this area if it is properly harnessed to identify and neutralize new types of threats.

These will appear due to the development of the Internet of Things. More and more devices that were analogue are being connected to the network. Any sensor with a wireless data transmission module is unfortunately a potential threat. And these, along with the development of the ideas of Smart Home, Smart Car and Smart City, as well as 5G networks, will be present everywhere. Both in vehicles and buildings.

5G in Poland

After a few years of relatively stable development, the mobile market has popped out again - both in terms of infrastructure and equipment. All thanks to the arrival of a new generation network that will complement the LTE network, which, although constantly developed , is slowly reaching its limits.

Orange Polska is already testing the 5th generation network, including in the 3.4-3.8 GHz band in Warsaw and Lublin . The equipment necessary for this has already been installed on a dozen or so base stations, and the telecom has managed to achieve transfers of 1 Gb / s Mbps using smartphones . The tests involved journalists and business clients.

5g in Poland first in Łódź, Warsaw or Krakow

The development of 5G will bring new challenges in other market segments.

Already last year, the largest players on the Smart Home market have banded together to ensure the security of users' data. In the case of the modern automotive world, partnerships are also being established, and although this year autonomous cars will not leave the road in crowds, electric cars are slowly stopping to cause sensation on the street.

The transport market is also changing, which is the most vivid example of sharing economy. More often, instead of buying something on our own, we prefer to rent it for a limited time. That is why companies such as Uber, Bolt and FreeNow have such a big impact on the passenger transport market also in our country, where they irreversibly changed the landscape of taxi services.

However, not everything will remain in the hands of private companies.

One of the trends for 2020 is the democratization of access to data and IT systems. Last year, the PSD2 Directive helped companies outside the banking sector gain access to information on banking data. The state is also becoming more and more digital and develops mDokumenty and EPUAP platforms. Of course, this also brings other threats.

The distance between trend leaders - the largest companies that approach digitization comprehensively - and enterprises that do it on a point-by-point basis in specific teams or processes, or do not plan such activities at all, is also growing. Data from the Orange Insights survey show that the largest, operating in many fields, there are about 8 percent in Poland. In turn, there are as many as 1/3 companies that would most likely remain in the world of analog tradition.

Orange Insights Business Study

Unfortunately, not every company is eager to finance digital initiatives.

For up to 73 percent of them is a big challenge. The problems are not only the lack of funds, but also the ambiguity of the market environment and its unpredictability (29 percent), difficulties in choosing the right technology (16 percent) and the distributed decision center (16 percent). Next year, we need to focus on eliminating these barriers.

However, there are areas where digitalisation is progressing well - such as banking and e-commerce, where the boundaries between technology and traditional business are blurring. Adaptation of new technologies is the fastest here. According to data collected by Orange Insight, 83 percent. of them implemented machine learning models, and 63% develops artificial intelligence projects.

However, there is a lot of potential for development in this area, since up to 58 percent. as many as Polish enterprises approach digital transformation differently than leaders in the banking sector and online commerce. Fortunately, they can count on the help of partners such as Orange Polska, who facilitate the digital transformation of not selected departments, but the entire enterprise, which gives much better results.

* The material was created in cooperation with Orange Polska

5G, SI, big data, automation and care for the environment - the most important business trends for 2020


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