120 Hz and 3K resolution. The flagship smartphone Oppo Find X2 will debut on March 6

Find X2 was to be presented at MWC 2020, but these were canceled due to the threat of coronavirus . So Oppo is preparing for the premiere itself - and is already building the atmosphere before the conference.

Next week, Oppo will officially present its new flagship phone. The Find X2 model was supposed to premiere at the Barcelona fair, but will debut on March 6.

Its predecessor - Oppo Find X - was quite an innovative phone . As one of the first, he promoted the fashion of a retractable webcam for self-portraits and face authentication, which allowed him to maintain a visually attractive form, without any indentations or holes in the display.

Find X2 will not be that revolutionary, but again its display is to be one of its main advantages.

Oppo Find X2 - the first official information

According to a press release sent to us to heat the atmosphere before the actual presentation, Find X2 is to be equipped with a display with 120 Hz refresh rate and 3K resolution - but it is not clear what exactly this 3K means. Does this designation suggest that this display will display 3,000 vertical pixels? Is this also a rounding in the fashion of 4K sign? We won't find out until next Friday. We also know that in addition to high resolution and high refresh rate, this display is to have curved edges, which is to increase the visual attractiveness of the entire phone.

Find X2 Pro will be equipped with a specially optimized and adapted image sensor, and will also use the most advanced OPPO photographic technologies at the moment - as we read in the press release. Unfortunately, that's all we learn from the message - from which we can conclude that the Pro version will have a better camera than the standard edition.

The Find X2 series will also be equipped with the latest Snapdragon 865, which supports a two-module SA / NSA network and the 5G standard. We'll know the rest of the secrets in over a week.

* Oppo Find X is the first on all photos. His reviews can be found here.

120 Hz and 3K resolution. The flagship smartphone Oppo Find X2 will debut on March 6


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