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Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro 2 specs verified by Google listing

Samsung's upcoming rugged smartphone, known as the Galaxy XCover Pro 2, has had some of its specs confirmed in the Google Play Console. And oddly enough, the device could launch as the Samsung Galaxy XCover 6 Pro. The Google entry confirms that the upcoming Galaxy XCover Pro 2 will feature Qualcomm's Snapdragon 778G 5G chipset and 6GB of RAM. The display has a resolution of 2,408 x 1,080 pixels and a pixel density of 450ppi, suggesting the panel is smaller than 6.5″. Google also calls this device the Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro 2, so the final name doesn't seem to have been decided yet. Either way, the upcoming rugged Galaxy smartphone runs Android 12 and One UI 4.1, . Sources): MySmartPrice The post Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro 2 specifications confirmed by Google entry appeared first on xiaomist's blog .

HCI and vSAN a hit in the commercial industry. Further implementations and further successes

We already know that hyper-converged IT infrastructure performed by Vmware works really well in the public administration sector. Fortunately, this is not an exception to the rule, as demonstrated by successes in the commercial industry. HCI (Hyper-convergent IT infrastructure) is a concept that we have already had the opportunity to introduce you in one of our previous materials . In sufficient simplification it can be described as a short circuit in one cooperating ecosystem. Blade servers, mass storage networks or even entire data centers - until now treated as separate entities - are one product under HCI. Centralized and provides relatively trouble-free scalability. The basic benefits of implementing HCI should seem obvious even to people who have a vague idea of ​​IT in the company. Software centralization of various infrastructure elements not only reduces operating costs or the number of man-hours needed by IT staff to administer the company's IT reso

Game Developers Conference 2020 at another time. Yes, coronavirus again

One of the most important events of the gaming industry of the year shared the fate of Mobile World Congress . Due to concerns about the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, GDC 2020 has been postponed to a later, unknown date. Game Developers Conference is a cyclical industry event during which the most innovative companies in the video game industry share their inventions and ideas with others, encouraging them to use and buy them. However, due to the threat of coronavirus, the conference ... no, it was not canceled. It will not be held on time, but apparently it has not been completely canceled. Game Developers Conference 2020 was to be held on March 16-20. The organizers do not provide a new date yet, although they suggest it will be in the summer. If the organizers recklessly ignored the pandemic threat, GDC 2020 wouldn't be too interesting anyway. Before the event was moved to a new, unknown time, Microsoft, Unity, Amazon, Epic Games and Electronic Arts, amo

You can throw 3D photos on Facebook even from a cheaper phone

Effective, moving photos providing the illusion of depth allowed to stand out Facebook users with phones with multiple lenses for portrait mode. The service stops dividing us into wealthier and more economical ones. From October 2018, users of modern iPhones can upload so-called 3D Photos to Facebook - i.e. photos taken in portrait mode of the phone with the Facebook depth effect applied. These photos created the illusion of three-dimensionality through eye-catching animations taking into account all expected convexities . However, Facebook is constantly developing its artificial intelligence for image processing. As the service provider has just announced, it is already so advanced that the information from the second phone lens is no longer necessary to create the 3D photo. The animation above presents the Facebook algorithm in action. Source photo, as convinced by Facebook, was taken with an ordinary camera. This algorithm is already present in the productio

The Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 reaches its historical minimum price: get it for only 26 euros from Spain and with 2 years warranty

The Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 has become one of the most recommended smart bracelets of the moment. Thanks to its new color screen or its large battery capable of offering us an autonomy of almost a month , it is very unlikely that there will be a wearable with better quality / price ratio. The best of all is its price, and now we can buy it from Spain with its two year warranty for just 26 euros . In addition, if you do not live in Spain or prefer to save an extra euros, for only 22 euros you can do it on AliExpress with shipping from China . Without a doubt, a very good offer that you should not miss if what you are looking for is an attractive design wearable with which to be aware of any notification, monitor your sports activity or simply have greater control of the time, date or time in your doll. Xiaomi Mi Band 4, the wearable with the best quality / price ratio This new and fourth generation of the successful Xiaomi smart bracelet comes with a renewed screen of type

The Dark Mode of MIUI 11 becomes even smarter: now we can also darken the wallpaper

Xiaomi continues to pamper its famous personalization layer with new and interesting features. On this occasion, the Dark Mode of MIUI 11 becomes even smarter allowing us to darken our wallpaper. In recent years MIUI has positioned itself as one of the most complete and customizable customization layers of the entire Android landscape. Countless options that undoubtedly bring an extra appeal to Xiaomi smartphones This time, further expanding the customization options and improving its Dark Mode, Xiaomi has integrated a new option in the MIUI 11 beta that allows us to darken our wallpaper by integrating better with the Dark Mode itself. New option integrated in the MIUI Dark Mode 11. This new option called « Darken the background in the Dark Mode » is able, once activated the Dark Mode, to minimize the brightness of the colors of our wallpaper as well as the intensity of this, thus getting them to fit more with the rest of the obscured MIUI interface. For now, this new optio

The Redmi Note 8 Pro is finally updated to Android 10 in its Global / European version (EEA)

After a long wait, Xiaomi has started updating its Redmi Note 8 Pro to Android 10 , a new and expected update that is already available for all those users that are part of the European version (EEA) of MIUI 11 . Android 10 along with its novelties and of course, its high level of security, has become one of the most anticipated Google operating systems. On this occasion and to the surprise of a wait that seemed endless, Xiaomi has begun to distribute Android 10 to possibly one of its most controversial smartphones for having incorporated a MediaTek processor. In detail, this new update is distributed under MIUI numbering V11.0.2.0.QGGEYXM and has a size of 1.9GB . In addition, along with the update to Android 10 the latest security patches corresponding to this month of February are added. Update to Android 10 for the Redmi Note 8 Pro (European). In addition, this new update corresponding to the European version of MIUI 11, that is, the EEA, does not add any other signi

Bill Gates has his thoughts on the coronavirus. He published a guide

Microsoft's co-founder is hardly dealing with his company today. He focuses on his charity, in particular in the field of health care and medicine. He now shares the experience gained while working as part of his foundation in the context of the fight against coronavirus. The Bill and Meilinda Gates Foundation has been closely watching the crisis caused by COVID-19 from the very beginning. According to official information, about 85,000 are infected so far. people, of which 3 thousand did not survive the infection. "The world must save lives today, but also improve the response methods of how we usually respond to these kinds of situations, " Gates notes on his blog . Fortunately, further observations are less truisms, and more specific data and information. Bill Gates - a guide to fighting coronavirus . Gates notes that the mortality rate is around one percent, so it's higher than the 1957 flu pandemic (0.6 percent) and lower than the 1918 fl

Surface Duo sooner than we thought. Commercial premiere this summer?

The bizarre Microsoft phone was originally announced at the end of this year. However, working with Android is going so well that apparently there is no reason to delay the release of the finished product on the market. By announcing Surface Neo and Surface Duo, Microsoft indicated the period of their availability for Christmas 2020. However, it is quite possible that only for Windows Neo we will have to wait so long. Work on the Duo phone is said to be going much better than expected - according to sources from Zac Bowden , a widely-read blogger watching Microsoft - and it is very likely that it will go on sale much faster than we expected. Surface Duo on sale soon? The phone works under the control of Android 10 . This choice allowed Microsoft to start working on proprietary software modifications as early as August last year. However, it is worth remembering that the vast majority of the works were basically behind the company - after all, Microsoft's pro

Plantronics BackBeat FIT 3200 - review

Ok, technically speaking the successors of the set I tested 3100 last year are two. I'm already explaining what's going on. As a reminder, you don't have to read the whole old review again. In March last year I tested Plantronics BackBeat Fit 3100 - fully wireless headphones, the distinguishing feature of which was ... allowed the user's ears a lot of sounds from the environment, which increased safety during training. They had quite a pleasant sound (although the bass could be a little juicier), lay well in the ears, had a sensible (though dirty) charging case and - so as not to drag - I really liked them. To the extent that I have used them for most of the last months, even though, unfortunately, they had to be recharged quite often - with my usage profile, they lasted usually about 4 hours. At the end of last year Plantronics showed two new models in this series - 3150 and 3200. In many respects they were twin, with the difference that the 3150

Menthol cigarettes will disappear on May 20

On May 20, in less than three months, the sale of menthol cigarettes (including those with a capsule) will be banned throughout the European Union. Smokers who like this taste will be forced to find an alternative. Before we start, I would just like to point out: no one here urges anyone to smoke. This text is addressed only to people who already smoke, are aware of all the consequences that result from this and do not intend to quit smoking after the EU ban on the sale of menthol flavored cigarettes. End of menthol What is the reason for this ban? EU directive requirements. According to the logic of EU officials, the lack of menthol cigarettes will make some smokers who like this taste stop smoking. According to the European Commission, menthol cigarettes taste too pleasant, which encourages smoking. Therefore, after withdrawing from sale, an unknown percentage of smokers will decide to quit smoking overnight. However, probably not everyone. Prohibition of se

It costs PLN 11,000 and your favorite apps don t work on it. I started testing Huaweia Mate Xs

From yesterday I have the opportunity to use Huaweia Mate Xs. For now, the latest equipment from a Chinese company has made me realize how addicted I am to Google. There will be time for the text about the folded smartphone from the Chinese, but I can already say that in terms of hardware it is the best or at least one of the best smartphones on the market. The main distinguishing feature of this model is the foldable OLED screen, thanks to which it can be easily turned into a tablet. In addition, we have the latest Kirin 990 processor, 8 GB RAM, 512 GB of space for files, two 2200 mAh batteries each, four cameras and a 5G modem. You can't fault it here, but after a smartphone for around 11,000 PLN I would not expect any shortcomings. It is not only fast equipment, but also a technology show, a certain vision of the future and a premium class device. And yet he is far from ideal and, paradoxically, it is not Huawei's fault. Unfortunately, Huawei Mate Xs

This is Apex 2020. This is how Vivo phones are to look in a few months

Vivo decided to unveil the secret and show journalists what he was working on. The Apex 2020 phone is not intended for sale, but contains technical solutions that are to be found in future models of this manufacturer. I must admit that Vivo Apex 2020 looks impressive. The most striking is its 6.45-inch display with 1080p resolution. It has bent edges to an angle of 120 degrees, which gives the impression that it almost surrounded the body of the phone. Apex 2020 relies entirely on the touch interface without offering a single physical function button. Such a beautifully looking display could not be damaged by various indentations and holes. However, Vivo does not consider the camera sliding out of the housing to be a suitable solution for the future. The 16-megapixel self-portrait camera is hidden under the display and apparently has a negligible effect on the brightness and image quality at this point of the screen. Vivo also wants to join the first league

You won t buy any meat dishes in this KFC. For now only for a week

Could one of the leading brands on the meat fast food market survive by completely abandoning meat semi-finished products? We will have the opportunity to find out by watching one of Rotterdam KFC. What is KFC associated with? First of all, with ground and processed chicken - because not with ice cream, pies or salads. However, the growing pressure from many different sides to reduce reliance on animals as food means that the leading brands of the fast-food chain market are increasingly serious about developing a vegetarian menu. Today, almost every chain restaurant of its kind offers completely meatless dishes, including KFC - such as a vegan burger or vegetable chicken . A restaurant in Rotterdam will check how it is to offer only meatless products. KFC without meat - not just for vegetarians. Marketing is partly behind this experiment. The KFC Rotterdam restaurant will exchange meat for Quorn in all products from March 9 to March 15 - thus joining the Week

WHO: depression in Poland is a common disease. NFZ: not at all

We have a very interesting case when it comes to statistics on Poles suffering from depression. Who's right? WHO claims that Poland is among the leaders in terms of the percentage of citizens suffering from depression. In turn, according to the data cited by our National Health Fund, the number of cases of depression in 2018 decreased by 9%, and the number of services in psychiatric clinics decreased by 6%. Why this discrepancy? The National Health Fund uses one fairly simple trick here, as it bases its report on statistics on POZ benefits. And indeed, if we limit our analysis to this piece of the market, the number of depressed people who have been helped is actually decreasing. But it is not because Poles are depressed. Simply, more and more people decide to visit private offices, which the NFZ does not include in its statistics. According to the analysis carried out by Puls Medycyny , the share of private entities when it comes to psychiatric care for pe

I started testing Huawei Mate Xs and ... I found myself addicted to Google

From yesterday I have the opportunity to use Huaweia Mate Xs. For now, the latest equipment from a Chinese company has made me realize how addicted I am to Google. There will be time for the text about the folded smartphone from the Chinese, but I can already say that in terms of hardware it is the best or at least one of the best smartphones on the market. The main distinguishing feature of this model is the foldable OLED screen, thanks to which it can be easily turned into a tablet. In addition, we have the latest Kirin 990 processor, 8 GB RAM, 512 GB of space for files, two 2200 mAh batteries each, four cameras and a 5G modem. You can't fault it here, but after a smartphone for around 11,000 PLN I would not expect any shortcomings. It is not only fast equipment, but also a technology show, a certain vision of the future and a premium class device. And yet he is far from ideal and, paradoxically, it is not Huawei's fault. Unfortunately, Huawei Mate Xs

Lady Gaga with the music video recorded on the iPhone 11 Pro. This time you can believe it is an iPhone clip

iPhone 11 Pro was the only camera that created Lady Gaga's new music video. This is not the first such clip, but it is the most authentic of its kind so far. iPhone 11 Pro has a fantastic camera offering a lot of possibilities in terms of filming, for which it is widely praised. The stabilization in the movies is quite amazing. We have come to the point where the sense of buying a camera for around PLN 2,000 is very debatable. I am of the opinion that this amount is now better spent on buying a better smartphone, especially if you are looking for a typically away camera, where the versatility and simplicity of use are what counts. Is it possible to use the iPhone 11 Pro camera for professional applications? Finally, the "Pro" in the name obliges. Daniel Askill shows that wanting means being able to. The director created a new music video for Lady Gaga exclusively using the iPhone 11 Pro. See what effect it has obtained. This is the first clip of t

Marques Brownlee analyzes the spectacular design of the Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha and all the functions of its surround screen on video

Throughout the past 2019, Xiaomi presented one of the most revolutionary and futuristic smartphones we have seen in a long time. We talk about the Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha , a «concept mobile» characterized by its surround screen and its unmatched design. Now this striking mobile has passed through the hands of Marques Brownlee , one of the most recognized youtubers in the technological field, which in addition to showing us the design of the Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha, shows us all the functions of its amazing screen. In the video that we can see below, Marques shows us the striking design of the Xiaomi smartphone and gives us his personal opinion on this. In addition, this youtuber also known by the name of MKBHD reminds us at all times that it is a prototype that has not yet begun to be commercialized. And we can not forget that it is a smartphone of 19,999 yuan, just over 2,600 euros , which beyond providing functionality aimed at the end user, shows us the future vision of Xiaomi an

Windows needs a cheap Surface like oxygen. And Microsoft is still not ready

Steve Ballmer was right and Tim Cook was wrong. The world wants and needs a simple, handy PC on which, after work, you will be able to comfortably review the press, read comics, watch the series or play Sudoku. Apple is very close to providing the masses with such a computer. Microsoft, who invented it, is still in the woods. The first-generation Surface wasn't perfect. Its bulky housing and tiny display meant that it was neither an exaggeratedly good laptop, nor a too comfortable tablet. However, he outlined the vision of the device, which was even tailor made for so many users. Surface, and in particular Surface Pro , outlined the goal that Microsoft began to pursue. And he largely achieved it with the Surface Pro 3 tablet. Surface Pro 3 is a very light notebook tablet , with an elegant and slim form that can easily cope with all typical office applications and basic multimedia editing. It also allows you to instantly detach the keyboard, turning into a ha