You thought that Microsoft could not earn more? Then look at this

Microsoft has made $ 11.6 billion in the past quarter. clean with revenues of $ 36.9 billion This is a 38% and 14% increase, respectively, compared to the same quarter a year ago. Wow.

Microsoft has probably never enjoyed such a huge success as it is now - despite the fact that Windows has not had a monopolistic position on the market for a long time, and it does not exist on smartphones. Microsoft's three major divisions have seen incredible increases, and while these overlap, they can also function independently in the event of hypothetical problems in one of them.

However, it is difficult to see problems, since even the department responsible for Windows - a mature platform, treated by some as a relic of the past - has seen significant increases, probably mainly due to the migration from Windows 7 to Windows 10. This department in the past quarter provided Microsoft with the largest revenue of all, in the amount of USD 13.2 billion The Intelligent Cloud division came second (with $ 11.9 billion in revenue), and the Productivity and business process division ($ 11.8 billion) came third.

Azure revenues up 62%

microsoft playstation

Revenues related to server products and cloud services increased by 30%, which is a consequence of the increased consumption of Azure itself. Revenue from corporate services also increased (by 6%). Enterprise Mobility, which already has 127 million active installations (a 35% increase), is a perpetual hit. The end of technical support for Windows Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 also influenced a 10% increase in revenues from the sale of their successors.

You can see that companies are replacing computers with Windows 7 for newer ones. But there are also increases on the consumer market.

Revenues from the sale of Windows to hardware partners recorded an 18% increase year-on-year, which was mainly due to Windows Pro for companies (a 26% increase in revenues). Warnings about the end of technical support for Windows 7, however, have also affected the consumer market. Microsoft's hardware partners increased orders, which translated into a 7% increase from selling consumer Windows licenses. The Windows commercial products and services section also recorded a 25% increase, mainly due to the growing number of Microsoft 365 subscribers.

Surface breaks (own) records.

surface pro x impressions

The Microsoft computer and tablet department is still more interesting in commercial terms than competition for massive rivals' products. However, it undoubtedly gets better from quarter to quarter, despite the fact that the offer includes mainly expensive luxury class devices. Revenues from the sale of Surface devices recorded a 6% increase, reaching the amount of USD 1.975 billion. I am quite surprised to read in the Microsoft report that one of the factors was the increased demand for Surface Go - in my subjective opinion a nightmare device. You can see customers know better than me.

Microsoft is the king of productivity. Office , Dynamics and LinkedIn seem unstoppable.

If we can somewhere in Microsoft indicate a market position dangerously approaching a monopoly, it would undoubtedly be Office. The Redmond giant's dominant office services are constantly attracting new customers. Revenues from these corporate have seen a 27% increase, consumer 19%. But that's not the end. The LinkedIn social network has generated a 24% increase in revenue with a record level of user engagement, and Dynamics is a welcome 12% increase, which was mainly due to a 42% increase in revenue from Dynamics 365.

Xbox One is ending because we're waiting for the Xbox Series X. And because ... Fortnite is becoming less fashionable.

Xbox Elite Series 2 review

The worst results at Microsoft were recorded by the video games department, which recorded a gigantic 21% drop in revenues compared to the same quarter a year ago. It was influenced, among others, by 11% decrease due to sales of software and services. What happened?

There are two reasons for this. First of all, after announcing plans to release a new generation of Xbox this year, sales of One X and One S models dropped significantly. Second, Xbox was particularly eagerly chosen by fans of Fortnite's record-breaking popularity - and after every purchase made in this game in the Xbox version, Microsoft charged a commission from its publisher. However, Fortnite's popularity is starting to decline, which significantly affected the Xbox results.

Bing was an interesting anomaly. The problem is that local service successes are slowly becoming a thing of the past.

Bing is difficult to compare commercially with Google Search. However, in a few selected markets, especially the American one, that Bing did surprisingly well. It seems, however, that this stroke of luck will not be eternal. Bing revenues recorded a 6% decline, despite increased revenues from each service user. This probably means that the local market has reached the peak of its capabilities, and yet Bing is still not able to be a real competition in most other regions of the world.

You thought that Microsoft could not earn more? Then look at this


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