We pay for parking in Warsaw in the moBilet application

The new service will offer the option of paying parking spaces. From now on, residents of the capital will be able to pay for parking in the moBilet application.

Payment from a smartphone for public transport tickets for buses, trams and the subway, as well as for parking a car in paid parking zones is a great convenience. Unfortunately, just as tickets for public transport vehicles can be bought in Warsaw from several different applications, so far only one of them has accepted parking fees.

At the moment, the residents of the capital, if they want to pay for parking via smartphone, must use a service called SkyCash . However, this is changing. According to Cashless.pl, the Municipal Road Administration in Warsaw has completed the first part of the tender procedure, during which another mobile payment operator was selected in the paid parking zones.

moBilet - payment for parking in Warsaw

moBilet has been announced the winner of the last of the three stages of the tender, so SkyCash will soon have competition in this field. The date of implementation of the payment for parking in the capital in the moBilet application is not yet known, but we expect an appropriate update soon.

The justification for choosing the moBilet application in the tender is not yet known. Its creators offered a commission of PLN 0.08 per transaction. The offer of the competing Hilltech company, which was PLN 0.06 per transaction, was disqualified by the capital city of ZDM.

The tender organized by ZDM was divided into three parts, and one of the companies could only win two of them. SkyCash won in the first two and moBilet won in the third. Apart from Hilltech, mPay and Pango also had to taste.

We pay for parking in Warsaw in the moBilet application


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