We already know everything. This is Redmi K30 ... sorry, POCO X2

We already know almost everything about the upcoming POCO X2. We still don't know just one.

"What for?". I asked the same question when we wrote about the new POCO smartphone for the first time and I will repeat it now - why POCO X2?

We are only 5 days away from the premiere of POCO X2, but something just looks like the official promotional graphics of the new smartphone.

They reveal everything - how the smartphone will look, what its technical specification will be and how much it will cost.

POCO X2 - everything we already know

I thought it was a joke, but no - POCO really advertises the X2 model with the slogan "Smooth AF" (smooth as a bastard ... a bull, in free translation). This password is due to the screen that will be made in IPS TFT technology, will have a size of 6.67 ", a resolution of 2400 x 1080 px and a refresh rate of 120 Hz.

The whole will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G processor supported by 6 or 8 GB of RAM and from 64/128/256 GB of data space. The components will be powered by a 4500 mAh battery.

If these parameters sound familiar - no wonder. After all, POCO X2 is nothing more than the recently shown Redmi K30. Even the appearance of the new smartphone is identical to the old one - we have the same indentation in the screen a la Galaxy S10 +, the same fingerprint reader on the edge of the housing and the same arrangement of cameras.

Regarding cameras, there is basically one unknown: we do not know whether next to the main sensor with a resolution of 64 Mpix POCO will put a second sensor with a resolution of 8 Mpix, as in the Redmi K30, or maybe a 5 Mpix sensor with a macro lens. In both cases, I would not expect a camera that will knock us down with quality.

Also, the price of POCO X2 will be similar to Redmi K30 . From approx. 1000 PLN for the cheapest 6/64 GB version, up to 1600 PLN for the 8/256 GB version.

POCO X2. So 2x "what for?"

I already mentioned the first "what for?" During the first text about the new smartphone from the Xiaomi budget branch. When Pocophone F1 appeared on the market, it offered an unprecedented power-price ratio. Today, however, this number race has lost its sense when so many competitors (including Xiaomi) offer very efficient smartphones at very affordable prices.

The second "what for?" Is a matter of the appearance of two identical smartphones under different names. I will understand the existence of POCO X2 if it will be a smartphone designed for distribution only in those countries where Redmi K30 is not available.

However, if POCO X2 and Redmi K30 hit the same markets, then their coexistence can be treated at most in the category of unnecessary electro-waste production and confusion in the minds of consumers.

Or maybe POCO X2 has an ace up its sleeve that will surprise us yet? We'll find out on February 4th. Then maybe we'll find out "what for".

We already know everything. This is Redmi K30 ... sorry, POCO X2


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