Vine is reborn like a phoenix from the ashes. His successor, Byte, will now fight with TikTok

Another social network will fight for the attention of Internet users with TikTok. Byte, however, is not a completely new service, but Vine's spiritual heir.

Every now and then new social networks appear. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have been present with us for over a decade and seem to be unmoving, but the internet does not end there. Unfortunately, some services, such as Google Plus, do not leave the niche and disappear. In turn, others - like Snapchat or - are gaining popularity, but do not break into the mainstream.

We also have TikToka , which has just five minutes and only time will tell if it is just a passing fashion or whether the service will stay with us for longer. It is not surprising that in its splendor other websites trying to record short video clips are trying to warm up. One of them is Byte, who suddenly appeared on the network, but in fact has a very interesting story.

Byte works like Vine , which is Twitter's website closed years ago.

Vine first appeared on the web in June 2012 and was bought almost immediately by Twitter - only a few months have passed since the debut and the transaction was completed. The website already allowed 8 years ago to record short six-second videos. They could be published directly as part of this service, as well as on other social media sites.

In retrospect, it can be said that Vine was slightly ahead of its time. It is possible that the recipients of that time, as well as smartphones and Internet packages, were not yet ready to devote so much attention to creating and watching short video clips. As a result, Twitter expired this project in 2017. It turns out that this site's history did not end there.

The new service is no longer dependent on Twitter.

Dom Hofmann, one of the creators of Vine, is responsible for Byte's development. In addition to the name of the two services does not differ much. The new website works almost the same as its progenitor, which together with Snapchat and Instagram laid the foundations for TikTok's success. On the main screen of the application you can watch movies, and the option of recording new ones appears.

On the Byte main screen you can find content from favorite creators that the user is following. These can be found on the subpage that allows you to search for clips and individual profiles. Different categories with featured materials can help. Featured clips are divided into different categories, such as art, gaming, animation and sport.

You can create your clips based on shots previously recorded in the camera roll or by recording them directly in the application. Nothing prevents such "bytes" from being made up of many different clips stuck into one video, but Vine's spiritual successor also doesn't allow you to put clips longer than 6 seconds on your profile.

Byte can be downloaded on Android smartphones from the Google Play store and on iPhones from the App Store .

Vine is reborn like a phoenix from the ashes. His successor, Byte, will now fight with TikTok


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