Trump angry. The European Union gave 5G green light from Huaweia

The authorities of the European Union did not succumb to pressure from the Americans. Less than a year ago, they made a statement recommending that Member States be prudent. Do you know what American diplomats have done since then? Thread.

Huawei is undoubtedly in very serious trouble. Accusations from the US authorities draw the company as a spy acting on behalf of Chinese intelligence. It is true that we have not lived for so long a single evidence confirming these allegations, so it is hardly surprising caution of US allies. After all, Huawei is one of the leaders on the market of infrastructure solutions for mobile networks, as well as for mobile phones themselves.

As a result of American accusations, Huawei can no longer work with most US companies, including Google responsible for Android. Building 5G networks is also difficult - not every country wants such an important communication infrastructure to be - supposedly - a powerful eavesdropping tool for Chinese intelligence. Meanwhile, our European Union seems unshakable. In March last year, the official note said that the Member States should be assessed on their own subcontractors, the attractiveness of their offerings and potential risks.

The European Union still sees no reason to prohibit Huawei from anything. He will be able to continue building the 5G network with us.

We provide Member States, mobile operators and users with tools to build and protect European infrastructure using the highest security standards, which will allow us to fully exploit the potential of 5G networks. Europe has everything it needs to be a leader in the world of technology - we read in a statement signed by Thierry Breton, Commissioner for the Internal Market.

This means that despite pressure from the United States administration, the EU position has not changed. Still, member countries are to autonomously decide whether Huawei can build a 5G cell network in them or not. The only thing Member States have to do is to comply with EU guidelines on secure telecommunications infrastructure, which they have until April this year. and which apply to all - not just Huaweia - subcontractors.

Trump angry. The European Union gave 5G green light from Huaweia


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