The TV button has just disappeared from the Instagram application. You probably haven t used it anyway

Who regularly watches movies on IGTV - hand up. No one? I thought so. Instagram competitor for YouTube turned out to be a complete flop.

Instagram TV, or IGTV , launched in June 2018 and is a quite ... ambitious concept, let's put it this way.

Well, the Instagram owners came to the conclusion that the world needs more long videos recorded vertically and you need to give the world a place where he could watch these films.

So IGTV was created - a separate, though closely related to Intagram, application where creators can upload their films in the most phone-friendly format. To increase the visibility of the new site, Instagram placed a special button on the main page of the application so that users can look into IGTV directly from their Instagram table.

This button has just evaporated. Instagram has been gradually removing it from its application for several days, and if you still have it, then you will probably not be there after the next update. The button was more or less here:

IGTV is a flap

The only way to watch a video from IGTV is to download a dedicated application or select the appropriate category from the "discover" tab in the Instagram application:

IGTV is a flap

IGTV is a flap. Only a handful of Instagram users use the site.

Ok, over the past 18 months, 7 million users have downloaded the IGTV application, so this is a relatively large "handful". However, it should be remembered that Instagram itself currently has over a billion users, so the conversion to the new service turned out to be quite, erm, poor.

Removing the button from the Instagram application is the result of collecting information from users. And those, if you believe Facebook representatives , did not want a shortcut to IGTV in the Instagram application. And good.

Why does IGTV attract neither recipients nor creators?

The first and most important obstacle from the beginning was the persistence of Instagram on vertical video. Yes, this format works great in short Stories recordings, but it is also very limiting in longer recordings or trying to create something a bit more ambitious than vlog.

Instagram has, however, moved away from this limitation and from May 2019 you can also upload movies recorded horizontally to IGTV.

A much bigger problem is the lack of desire on the part of the creators. And it's hard to be surprised.

From the very beginning of the existence of IGTV, the creators could not simply take a movie prepared e.g. for YouTube and simply upload it to IGTV. After all, only vertical video could be uploaded there. So, to add some video to the Instagram platform, the creator had to either crop the video vertically (which usually did not make sense when the video was shot with a view to horizontal orientation) or record new video (which meant more work).

Despite Instagram's best efforts to attract users to IGTV, the videos uploaded there did not reach the cosmic number of views. According to TechCrunch , even creators with over 10 million followers achieve at most a score of 0.5 million on the most-watched video. This is a very low conversion.

Instagram TV also does not allow monetization of films so far, so the creators do not earn anything from the mere number of plays.

So let's add: the need to spend extra money to record video vertically, poor viewership and lack of monetization, and we have a really solid reason why IGTV is dying before it got started.

Of the Youtubers I'm watching myself, most have long since given up uploading anything on IGTV. They tried, uploaded 3-4 videos at the beginning of the platform and returned to where people really watch them - that is, on YouTube.

What is the future of IGTV ? Probably none.

Judging by the fact that Instagram successively allows users to upload longer video directly from the application, a dedicated platform may soon cease to be needed.

Since we do not need a dedicated IGTV application today either for watching or uploading movies on IGTV, why bother with it at all? The only scenario that makes sense in this arrangement is the closure of a separate website and integration of IGTV with Instagram.

It is also possible that Instagram is simply not a place where users search for extensive content. We like to quickly scroll the board, tap twice on the photo to like it and watch Stories of our favorite artists. Instagram accustomed us to quick interactions and to the fact that we do not need to spend a lot of time on it to appreciate its content.

And maybe in this arrangement ... IGTV just does not match Instagram.

The TV button has just disappeared from the Instagram application. You probably haven't used it anyway


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