The future of business lies in the hands of artificial intelligence

At a conference organized by the Polish branch of the Crayon company, I had the opportunity to listen to experts dealing with the implementation of artificial intelligence solutions for business on a daily basis. What challenges await companies in connection with the emergence of intelligent algorithms?

Crayon is a company with Norwegian roots, which already has 45 offices in various parts of the world - including in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Germany, France, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Portugal, Iceland, United Arab Emirates, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia and the United States. Recently, it is also present in Poland and in parallel in 9 countries of the CEE region.

Crayon provides consultancy in the field of digital transformation of enterprises, helping them to obtain returns on investment in information technologies. The company's main field of interest is providing AI solutions and machine learning.

Crayon's partner are the largest and most important global players: Microsoft, IBM, AWS, Oracle, Google and Facebook. This year, the company has obtained the title of Microsoft's best global partner in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning. It also has the title Azure Expert (Managed Services Provider).

So it can be concluded that representatives of Crayon are quite well versed in the topic of artificial intelligence

Listening to the presentation of Rune Syversena, Aleksander Kutowski (Vice President CEE Crayon Group) and Zbigniew Borgosz (Country Manager Crayon Poland), an attentive listener could catch a lot of valuable information. The situation presented by the above-mentioned people is as follows: the functionality of artificial intelligence is so versatile, which is also very profitable, that sooner or later, every company, wanting to remain competitive in its industry, will have to equip itself with intelligent algorithms.

Their performance is invaluable. Regardless of the industry - both cardiac surgeons and cow breeders use artificial intelligence. The biggest advantage of this type of algorithms is the ability to quickly and accurately analyze huge data sets. However, this is not the only application of algorithms.

More and more companies are using artificial intelligence for slightly more sophisticated tasks, such as designing new devices and services (Bosch is threatening, for example, that within a decade, SI will be responsible for implemented projects). In turn, the banking sector is boldly experimenting with artificial intelligence as a customer advisor - no human specialist is able to compete with the algorithm when it comes to analyzing data from all financial markets. In addition, in real time.

In her speech, Michelle Simmons (Chief Marketing and Operations Officer for Central & Eastern Europe at Microsoft) reminded that Crayon received the title of Microsoft's Best Global Partner in AI and ML in 2019. All this shows that the new player on the CEE market has great competence in the implementation of AI and ML.

Progress means change

The increasing use of artificial intelligence algorithms also means (r) evolution in the labor market. For years it has been said that in some professions people will be replaced by computers. This process has already started some time ago.

During the discussion within the expert panel, experts from Crayon and their guests (Michał Nowik - CIO Italy, CEE, CIS Suez, Łukasz Grzeszczyk Head of IT Recruitment at Hays, Wojciech Życzyński Director of Corporate Market & Partner Chanell Microsoft) argued that in general in the light of these changes will be beneficial for us. Yes, some professions will disappear, but in their place will be completely new positions related to algorithm support and preparation of appropriate data sets for them. Therefore, instead of fearing changes, it is worth implementing them as soon as possible. Before the competition does it.

The future of business lies in the hands of artificial intelligence


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