The flexible Motorola Razr will wear out quickly. "Lumps and bulges on the display are not abnormal"

The characteristic design of Motorola Razr will only partially protect its delicate display against physical damage. The manufacturer does not even recognize its deformation as something that we can advertise.

Flexible display technology has raised completely new creativity in mobile phone designers. There are more and more original designs that often look amazing - and most of them significantly increase and usability of the device itself. In theory, this technology provides only benefits. However, practice shows that this is still a highly underdeveloped solution.

Another evidence for this are promotional materials posted on Motorola's official YouTube channel. According to video tutorials, on a phone that costs 1540 euros, display deformation "is something normal". It is worth noting that this problem does not apply only to Razr, and in principle all commercially introduced phones with flexible displays.

"The Motorola Razr phone display is made to bend. Pits and bulges are expected. "

Motorola also warns that in the event of flooding it is necessary to dry quickly, that it is sensitive to contact with sharp objects and that it should not be moved in a mode other than closed. The display will also be damaged if we use a plastic protector on it.

Flexible displays make it easy to create neat hybrids of the tablet and phone - and thus pocket devices, whose displays can be enlarged on request with one move. I remain a supporter and enthusiast of this technology, but without a doubt it is only intended for enthusiasts - who want to use the technology of the future so much that they do not mind that a phone for several thousand zlotys may break down as a result (relatively) normal use.

The flexible Motorola Razr will wear out quickly. "Lumps and bulges on the display are not abnormal"


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