The battle for Tesla is underway. German environmentalists do not want a giant electric car factory near Berlin

Construction of Gigafactory 4 Tesla near Berlin does not please everyone. German environmentalists protest against massive tree felling and projected water consumption by the factory.

The Tesla factory is being built in Gruenheide, a commune east of Berlin. However, to start its construction, the area granted to the American company must first be cleared of trees. The first phase of construction involves cutting 90 hectares of trees, the second - an additional 63 ha. Of course, Tesla promises to pay the debt back to nature and plant three times as many trees in a different location.

Tesla gigafabrice in Germany

However, ecologists are not convinced . In their opinion, the forest in Gruenheide is a complete ecosystem and deforestation of such a large number of trees will lead to its destruction. It is worth mentioning at this point that it is by no means a strictly protected nature reserve - before felling, the area needs to be cleaned of rubbish and searched for unexploded bombs from World War II.

Environmentalists are also concerned about the projected water consumption of the Tesla factory. According to activists, the gigafabrika will consume about 300 cubic meters of water per hour. Such demand, in the opinion of the interested parties, may threaten the supply of drinking water to nearby residents. None of the German officials responsible for cooperation with Tesla commented on this issue. Tesla is also silent on this topic.

Therefore, we do not know whether the above concerns about drinking water resources are really justified, or whether they are only blown up concerns of a group of environmentalists. And they have their hands full in Germany lately. I am talking about mass protests that took place last year at one of the largest opencast mine RWE, located in Garzweiler.

Meaning of protests?

The question is whether blocking the expansion of a hard coal mine is the same as blocking a factory where environmentally clean electric cars will be produced. Environmentalists could be clear about this.

Well, if the ecological balance of electrician production is negative and harms nature, what remains a common sense alternative? Driving an old car, preferably powered by LPG? Unless it is about the very location of the gigafabryka - but it is difficult to imagine that it would be possible to propose an alternative location that would suit both environmentalists and Tesla.

Something tells me not - probably in any location, large enough to house a new factory, you can find some ecological reason not to build it there. I am a bit ironic, but it seems to me that European environmentalists would like the situation where all factories of everything would be moved somewhere out of their field of view. For example to China.

In addition to the protests of environmentalists, supporters of the construction of the factory appeared in Gruenheide, convinced that its creation will revive Brandenburg slightly. Who's right? This is probably what we'll find out when we launch the Tesla factory.

The battle for Tesla is underway. German environmentalists do not want a giant electric car factory near Berlin


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