SpaceX Elona Muska is ready for manned flights. The last test was done and the dates given

Launch of the Falcon 9 rocket with the Crew Dragon crew ship.

On Sunday, January 19, NASA and SpaceX conducted the last and most important test of the Falcon 9 rocket and the Crew Dragon manned ship.

The operation of the system that could potentially save astronauts in the event of an anomaly in the rocket during launch was tested. Preliminary results indicate that the test was successful and SpaceX is ready for the first manned mission.

On July 8, 2011, at 17:29 Polish time, the Atlantis ferry carrying astronauts aboard the International Space Station launched from Cape Canaveral. It was the last manned space flight carried out from the territory of the USA. After 135 flights using shuttles, with the landing on July 20, 2011, the ferries became part of history.

Since then, all American astronauts who wanted to get on board the ISS had to use - for a substantial fee - the Russian Soyuz ships. Atlantis, Discovery and Endeavor retired, becoming museum exhibits. In 2011, no one was able to determine when again Americans would be able to take off into space from their own territory, although it was assumed that private sector assistance would be key.

Yesterday's test of the escape system installed on board created by SpaceX Crew Dragon crewed ship was the last step to obtain certification and obtain permission to carry out manned missions.

Postponed several times due to the weather, the test began at 16:30 Polish time. Falcon 9 took off as usual, but already 90 seconds after takeoff, at supersonic speed the crewed ship disconnected from the rocket at an altitude of about 20 kilometers. SuperDraco engines installed on board allowed him to quickly move away from the rocket, whose Merlin engines were intentionally turned off, simulating an anomaly. Shortly after disconnection, the rocket knocked out of its original trajectory exploded.

The crew capsule reached a height of about 44 kilometers, then began to descend towards the ocean. All parachutes opened properly and the capsule launched just 9 minutes after takeoff. A few minutes after touching the water surface, rescue boats were found near the capsule.

For the rocket destroyed during the test it was the fourth and last flight.

It is worth noting here that the astronauts who will be the first to fly to the ISS aboard the Dragon ship, Doug Hurley and Robert Behnken had the opportunity to perform a general rehearsal before a real flight yesterday.

Astronauts carried out all pre-flight procedures except the flight itself. Yesterday, white Tesla Model X arrived from the crew's rooms to the starting position, which interestingly matched the crew's black and white suits.

Due to the fact that the Dragon ship did everything that was expected of it, NASA and SpaceX are expecting their first manned flight in the second quarter of this year. It all depends on whether NASA decides to send astronauts on a weekly, short or several months long mission. The latter requires more training of astronauts, and thus a later start.

Who is SpaceX competing with?

Almost a decade ago, NASA commissioned the development of astronaut transport systems into orbit for two companies: SpaceX and Boeing. Both companies have had their problems and difficulties over time. Eventually, SpaceX took the lead yesterday.

Boeing's Starliner ship was in the wrong orbit last month during the first test flight, making it unable to moor at the International Space Station. One month earlier, one of the three parachutes did not open during the test. For now, it is not known whether Starliner will be sent again without a crew aboard the ISS or whether he will immediately carry out a manned flight.

Therefore, we are looking forward to announcing the date of the first manned flight of the Dragon.

SpaceX Elona Muska is ready for manned flights. The last test was done and the dates given


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