Scientists want to restore the northern white rhino species. They have three embryos

Only a few dozen years ago we could at most sit and cry because of the extinction of the Northern White Rhino. Nowadays, however, science has developed to such a level that we may be able to breed these animals again.

The current situation of white northern rhinos belongs to the hopeless category. The last male named Sudan died in March 2018. There are two females left - Najin and her daughter Fatu, who are staying in the Kenyan Oj Peleta reserve, where they are guarded by armed guards for 24 hours.

Resurrection of the Northern White Rhino species

All because the rhinoceros antlers are a very desirable commodity in Asia - the inhabitants of this continent still believe in the magical properties of rhinoceros horns, which according to legend are a miracle potion that heals cancer, impotence and several other ailments.

Let's return to the plan to restore this species. Predicting this hopeless situation, the researchers collected sperm from dead males during the day and combined them with eggs from Fatu.

In this way , three embryos were created , currently frozen in liquid nitrogen and awaiting the appropriate opportunity to use. One of them will soon be placed in the body of a surrogate mother - a female southern white rhino.

What's next?

All procedures are safe for animals and known so that the risk during treatments is minimal. Ultimately, scientists from Kenya, Germany, Italy and the Czech Republic plan to reconstruct a herd of 5 individuals, also collecting ova from the older Najin.

The rest of the plan assumes that rhinos will start breeding naturally. However, this is not so simple. Pregnancy in rhinos lasts 16 months, and only one young is born. After the birth of the offspring, the female does not breed for the next two years, so it is possible that the herd that the scientists are planning to bring back to life will need several more such reproductive interventions.

The most important information, however, is that this time we were able to predict the worst-case scenario and prepare for it early enough. Thanks to this, instead of mourning another species that has disappeared from Earth by human activity, we have a chance (small, but always) to bring him back to life and lead to the birth of his future generations.

Scientists want to restore the northern white rhino species. They have three embryos


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