Poles threw on protective masks. Allegro has been at the top of searches for 3 days

When a plane from Beijing landed in Warsaw, everyone on board had protective masks on. Passengers and aircraft crew tried to protect themselves against coronavirus. And although the presence of the virus in Poland has not (yet) been confirmed, protective masks are already a hit at Allegro.

A LOT plane returning from Beijing landed in Warsaw before noon. People on the deck had protective masks on their faces. Wirtualna Polska published pictures of cabin crew in masks.


For airplane passengers, such masks are quite a reasonable solution. After all, an airplane is, like any other means of public transport, a small space with many people at the same time. Despite the controls introduced on Chinese airports, some passenger may be sick and others would prefer to avoid being infected. Masks can help in this.

And just as the use of masks on a plane from Beijing makes a lot of sense, so the shopping madness associated with face masks in Poland seems to be exaggerated.

Poles threw on protective masks

Protective masks have been selling crazy for several days. On Allegro, the terms "anti-virus masks", "protective masks" and "surgical masks" have been at the top of the search list for 3 days.

Suddenly during the week the number of offers in this category increased by as much as 30 percent. - reveals Michał Bonarowski from Allegro in the information sent to Spider's Web.

Sellers quickly noticed the trend and are preparing new auctions. They create special packages to fight coronavirus and add its name even to auction titles.

And although everyone will admit that in health matters prevention is better than cure, the use of face masks in Poland on a daily basis with a view to coronavirus is rather extreme exaggeration.

For now, only people returning from places in the world where the virus is raging, and their relatives and associates should decide on such a move. If you get any symptoms, please contact your doctor immediately.

Walking every day in a surgical mask around Warsaw or other Katowice just because people are sick in China, there is no point. In Poland, anti - smog masks will come in handy - 40,000 - 50,000 die every year due to air pollution in Poland. people ! For comparison, 132 people died of coronavirus worldwide.

We would also like to remind you that coronavirus infection has not yet been confirmed in Poland. Some people returning from China, however, are under observation due to disease symptoms and special precautions implemented with coronavirus. Also for security reasons, from January 24, Asian passengers are asked to fill out the Passenger Location Card to collect information about where they are going on arrival in the country.

In accordance with the recommendations of global sanitary organizations, from today passengers arriving from China receive either during flight from cabin crew or immediately after landing a card in which they fill out contact information to themselves. They inform where they plan to stay in Poland or the EU - said spokesman for the Warsaw Chopin Airport Piotr Rudzki via Onet .

Poles threw on protective masks. Allegro has been at the top of searches for 3 days


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