Office 365 ProPlus users: get ready to defend against Bing

Microsoft is going a little too far in displaying the new Bing feature for businesses. Office 365 users in the ProPlus version will get a new extension for Chrome - whether they like it or not.

Microsoft Bing in selected countries is just receiving a new, very nice feature. If we use a company account based on Microsoft infrastructure - Azure Active Directory - we can use the Bing search form to search not only the Web, but also our company's IT resources. This feature will be available in the Edge browser, and you can also activate it via the appropriate Chrome browser extension.

The idea is very nice. The problem is that Microsoft seems to be pushing it a bit. In selected regions - fortunately not in Poland - an update to the Office 365 ProPlus package will soon be published, which will include, among others, the Chrome extension. This means that after the update on company computers with Chrome installed, the default search engine will be changed to Bing.

Bing in Google Chrome after upgrading the Office 365 ProPlus package - this is an exaggeration.

The update is to be published in February in seven countries, fortunately not in Poland. As if that was not enough, Microsoft admits that the future update - we do not know yet when it will be published - will also include the Firefox browser. The extension installed as a result of the upgrade can be manually uninstalled. However, I do not think that anyone commenting on this text disagrees with the opinion that the update should be optional.

Fortunately, the admin response is sharp, just look at the various Windows-related reddit communities. The very integration of Microsoft Search with Bing is considered a cool and intriguing novelty worth testing - however, activating this service should be a choice, not a compulsion. Administrators write directly that the number of requests from employees for technical support may paralyze their work for some time. It is hardly surprising: yesterday an employee used Google Search for Chrome, and suddenly something in the browser changes into a bizarre service.

We keep our fingers crossed for Microsoft to back down from this very controversial decision. I am absolutely convinced that the effect will be counterproductive - instead of testing the new service, administrators will proactively create solutions to block it. Rather, that was not the point.

Office 365 ProPlus users: get ready to defend against Bing


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