Mr. Shithole. According to the Facebook translator, the most important politician in China is called

Facebook stutters and talks about a technical flaw. In the translation of one of the official posts, he named Xi Jinping, President of the People's Republic of China, Mr. Shithole.

Everybody gets stupid typing sometimes. Just one worse day, a weaker moment and just, we send a text with a very unfortunate typo, after which you have to densely translate or get fooled by one of the numerous language false friends. Apparently, this universal truth is not just about people, but also about algorithms.

China - the kingdom of Mr Shithole

An unfortunate translation appeared under the post regarding the meeting of Aung San Suu Kyi, head of the government of Myanmar and Chinese leader Xi Jinping . To make it more fun, the message was published on the official profile of the Myanmar leader's office making him an account. The name of the Chinese leader appeared very often in him.

In translation from Burmese to English, Facebook's algorithm decided to translate the name of the president of the People's Republic of China each time. It turned out to be quite unfortunate, because Xi Jinping was described in English as not worthy as Mr. Shithole. The same translation was also offered on the local newspaper page.

Facebook said in a statement on Saturday that it had already fixed a technical flaw that unfortunately crept into the translation and sincerely apologizes for it. The company somehow simply did not have the name of the most important leader of the region added to the database of names, so their translation system treated them as a word, which, unfortunately, turned out to be excessively elegant.

All this would be a funny and rather harmless (for everyone except the ego of the Chinese leader) anecdote, if it did not raise from him some disturbing questions about the management of Facebook in Myanmar, especially at the level of moderation. In 2017, Facebook became a hate speech tool aimed at the Rohingya minority in the country. Unfortunately, this tool is very effective. Mark Zuckerberg admitted that his company did not do everything it could to prevent the spread of hate speech then and promised improvement. One of her signs was to be a better moderation of Facebook.

Excuse me, can Facebook be banned a second time?

Xi Jinping is not a guy known for being a joke. He is famous even for being very sensitive to comparing him to Winnie the Pooh. Chinese censors have to scour the internet and remove memes from it comparing their beloved leader to a bear with very little reason. Although Facebook is already banned in China, it is not completely and completely. For example, Hong Kong residents have access to the platform, and companies from the Middle Kingdom are happy to advertise their products or services on the site. China, so despite the ban, as an advertiser they are invaluable to Facebook - only Americans spend more money with it.

Mr. Shithole. According to the Facebook translator, the most important politician in China is called


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