In February, you won t know the interface of your Xbox One. Again

One of the things that Microsoft did not work out in this generation of game consoles is the main interface. It has already been rebuilt many times, and in February Xbox One will present us something completely different again. Eh.

I love my Xbox One, also when it comes to its software features. I also really like the Guide's quick menu, called by the Xbox button on the gamepad. However, it is difficult to fall in love with everyone else, which at most pleases the eye of some - but it is hardly legible and terribly unresponsive.

Microsoft's decision to reserve the least amount of console resources for the operating system - to have as many games as possible at their disposal - resulted in the Xbox menu responding to commands with a long delay. Background services (for example, automatic game updates) can be thrown out of memory before being started at the least appropriate moment. And in addition you have to click well to get to an option other than the most commonly used.

Microsoft is still trying. In February, we'll welcome the new Xbox One main menu. And a number of other improvements.

xbox one update february 2020

Upgrading Windows 10 for Xbox One to version 2002 will primarily introduce a completely new main menu. Microsoft claims that it will be noticeably more responsive than the current and slightly more readable. The category breakdown at the top of the menu will disappear from it: the new one will be completely vertical. You will also be able to turn individual rows of tiles on and off and arrange their order, so the console will display only the information and shortcuts that you really care about. These rows include, among others, Xbox Game Pass, Mixer, Community or Microsoft Store.

xbox one update february 2020

The layout of the My Games and Applications catalog will also change. The new one will more clearly separate games and apps that are installed on our console, and those that can be installed for free, because we bought them earlier or we are entitled to some paid subscription service. Demonstration versions of games are also to be more clearly marked so that they can be easily distinguished from others.

xbox one update february 2020

In the xbox messenger there will also be a function to attach images (including animated gifs), which will of course also work in the xbox application for mobile devices and PCs. In turn, if we decide to check a pack of games from the Xbox Game Pass, which consists of several titles - from February you will not need to download the entire package, but only games from it, which we actually want to check.

And this important thing for me!

What makes me particularly happy - and what is just a seemingly small thing - is to let me indicate a new place to display notifications. For today, Xbox One displays them in the lower center of the screen. After updating it will be possible to change their default location.

xbox one update february 2020

Other new features include improvements to the Mixer player interface and an updated memory management wizard, which now includes external storage in its tips.

Windows 10 2002 for Xbox One is expected to appear next month. From today it is available in the Beta channel for members of the Xbox Insider program.

In February, you won't know the interface of your Xbox One. Again


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