If the rumors about the Galaxy Z Flip are confirmed, then Motorola Razr will be uphill

Motorola surprised many by presenting a quite innovative Razr model , referring to the iconic classic, but with a flexible display. The Galaxy Z Flip will have a similar design and price - and much better specifications.

Galaxy S20 phones are not the only strong product news from Samsung. Two days ago, the first information about the Galaxy Z Flip appeared. Now, thanks to information published by the BGR editors , we are getting to know a bit more specific information. If these find confirmation in reality, then the Galaxy Z Flip will be a very strong competitor for Moto Razr. Strong enough that I'm not sure why we should ever look at a Motorola product.

Galaxy Z Flip versus Motorola Razr. The Samsung model has a more powerful processor, is cheaper and probably has a better camera.

Galaxy Z Flip will probably be presented on the same day as the Galaxy S20 phone line - on February 11. Its important advantage is the price: the equipment will cost in the range of 1 million - 1.5 million won, which in direct translation into PLN gives the amount of 3.3 thousand. - 4.9 thousand zł. Meanwhile, Moto Razr will cost over 5.5 thousand. zł.

The Snapdragon 855 system is responsible for the device's performance, much more efficient than the Snapdragon 710 system present in Razra. The Galaxy Z Flip will also contain a 6.7-inch display covered with ultra-thin glass, which will contain a small hole for a 10-megapixel video camera. The telephone hinge is to be fully protected.

The whole is to be complemented by two batteries with a capacity of 1800 mAh each and the Android 10 operating system with One UI 2.0.

In Motorola's place, I would keep my fingers crossed so that this somewhat unofficial information would not find confirmation in reality.

If the rumors about the Galaxy Z Flip are confirmed, then Motorola Razr will be uphill


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