I played DOOM Eternal for several hours: 5 great ideas that make the game absolutely sweep

We had a very interesting guest in Warsaw. They came to the capital of Polish employees of Id Software, together with a long and powerful build, you DOOM Eternal. I spent a few hours with the shooting and wow, just wow. Ladies and gentlemen, it will be a very good game.

DOOM Eternal is like a wild, clawed butterfly with blood-red wings emerging from a dry cocoon. The previous installment of 2016 must be considered a cocoon, which provides a solid basis for the great return of the series. And Slayer is back, faster and stronger than ever. I spent several hours with DOOM Eternal on the Nightmare difficulty level and I am thrilled with new ideas like a screaming imp.

1. Slayer has its own base, which can be expanded.

During the game, the player will visit many planets and dimensions. Between ripping opponents, Slayer can always return to his safe bastion (fast travel appears in the game!). It is a cosmic citadel hovering above Earth's orbit with a beautiful view of our planet, experiencing a massive infernal invasion.

The citadel has two floors and several rooms. We can listen to messages broadcast from Earth, but also improve and acquire weapons. However, I like the rooms where the Slayer collection is located. The (anti) hero can listen to their favorite vinyls, read notes about the world, preview a collection of guitars and figurines, and even play the first DOOM.

The Citadel is a mine of easter eggs . Here you can come across magazines promoting demon tolerance, artworks from other Bethesda games, and even a hand-painted portrait of Slayer with a bunny in his arms. Players who love to poke their nose where possible, will definitely be delighted with this place.

2. Our Slayer is not the only demon hunter.

I will not tell you the story details. Suffice it to write that Slayer is not the only cosmic tough guy before which he does all the busty hell. Id Software introduces rich mythology to DOOM with many races, factions, planets, dimensions and NPCs. There has never been such a thing before.

An extensive scenario forces you to ask new questions. Where did Slayer come from? What did he do before he got to hell? Who were his companions? Who led them? The 2016 DOOM was only sliding on the surface of these topics. DOOM Eternal makes them one of the foundations of fiction. Do not be afraid - for every sentence spoken by the leading characters there are several demons for effective slaughter. The right proportions have been kept.

3. Build perfect, that is, we make our own DOOM Guy.

In addition to weapon mods, we also receive skill points. We spend these on additional possibilities and moves very useful during combat. For example, we can opt for an improved fist punch that deals area damage to all demons around. Or we choose the power by which time by aiming in the air slows down a bit, so we have more time for precise hits.

Skills combined with additional accessories allow you to create amazingly diverse builds. I was quite pleased with myself when I created a character freezing enemies with special grenades, and then scattering them to pieces, in return getting extra health and armor. At higher difficulty levels, it will be quite important to get the skills right.

4. Many platform elements. And very good.

There is a lot of jumping at DOOM Eternal. Slayer moves on falling platforms, rocking on protruding pipes, climbs the walls and looks for a time window between the rotor propellers. The double jump is complemented by a double dash , allowing you to travel gigantic distances. All this makes DOOM Eternal much more arcade than you might think.

What's great, the arcade elements do not seem to be pressed by force. On the contrary. In a twisted way, the skipping ropes refer to the iconic DOOM views and feel old Id Software in them. In addition, the arcade fragments are a great variety after subsequent clashes with groups of opponents. In the first three levels, the developers have a taste for the right proportions in this salad.

5. DOOM Eternal with potential for new opponents.

As I wrote earlier, Slayer goes on a space tour of several planets and plans. This is a good opportunity to refresh the bestiary. Of course, the classic remains in place. I pressed the barrel of a shotgun into the mouth of a zombie, imp, hell knight, cacodemon, revenant and spiderdemon.

From time to time, however, we see completely new entities. Like gargoyle-like imps that can rise into the air and shoot at a distance. Or tentacles growing out from the ground, cowardly attacking the player by surprise. And this is just the beginning. I am convinced that on further levels we will meet much more interesting rivals. I silently bet on fallen angels. Because since hell is in the DOOM universe ...

Bonus: no auto-aim on the console

By default, the aiming assistant on the console is turned off. Thanks to this, the gameplay on PS4 and XONE (and later also Switch) is a bit more like a fast, dynamic, crazy experience from a personal computer. DOOM Eternal acts like a rocket, and standing still is asking for death. Especially on Nightmare difficulty, where I had the wild pleasure of going through the first few locations.

I played DOOM Eternal for several hours: 5 great ideas that make the game absolutely sweep


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