Heritage on the edge

Google Arts & Culture presents a new exhibition in which it takes us on a trip from Easter Islands, through Scotland to Bangladesh. Delight with it, however, has a bitter aftertaste. All these places are in danger of destruction.

Project Legacy on the edge (Heritage on the Edge) is not only an exhibition which brings closer the breathtaking objects scattered around the world, is also a desperate appeal for their protection. All selected buildings are in a destructive way affected by climate change .

Five unique places tell the story of our culture. They are all at risk.

The International Council for the Protection of Monuments (ICOMIS), CyArk and Google Arts & Culture have joined forces to create an amazing new project to show how climate change affects five selected sites on the UNESCO World Heritage List. At the exhibition you will be able to see their 3D models, listen to what local guides and people living in their neighborhood have to say about them, and even walk through them thanks to Street View.

Statues from Easter Island, a magnificent fortress towering in the center of Edinburgh, the shopping port of Kilwa Kisiwani, Chan Chan, the world's largest city of sun-dried brick and the Nine Dome Mosque in Bangladesh were selected for the exhibition. A more contemporary narrative is woven into the wonderful stories of them and their fascinating history - that of unequal struggle for their preservation.

Heritage on the Edge tells the moving story of the fight against time.

The castle in the center of Scotland and the city in Peru are struggling with rising groundwater, the famous statues are standing on the cliffs constantly destroyed by the sea and violent storms, the port in Tanzania is threatened by rising sea levels, and the mosque in Bangladesh is flooded with salt water, causing erosion and destruction monuments. Fortunately, the history of these monuments is also the history of struggle for their preservation, ideas that have the chance to extend their life, and maybe even save them.

The variety of buildings included in the project shows that climate change affects the whole world and threatens man and his culture everywhere. Without global solutions, we will destroy not only our future, but also our past.

The Heritage on the Edge exhibition can be found at Google Arts & Culture .

Heritage on the edge


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