He concealed the disease and got 10,000 dollars. punishment, she took medicine to hide the fever

The 2019-nCoV coronavirus, which was born in the Chinese city of Wuhan, has already left the Middle Kingdom. For the time being, WHO does not believe that a repetition of the SARS epidemic awaits us, although some countries show that not everyone seems to share this view.

Wuhan, the 11-million city in China where the first patient with 2019-nCoV appeared, was completely cut off from the world last week. Soon after, two other cities joined the quarantine - Huanggang and Ezhou, where a total of another 8.5-9 million people live.

The Chinese authorities apparently do not share the opinion of WHO experts and in order not to risk the mass spread of the virus throughout the country, they preferred to quarantine nearly 20 million of their citizens.

Quarantine was not 100 percent effective

Before the quarantine in Wuhan became effective, many people left the city. We would like to remind you that New Year celebrations are underway in China, which means that several billion Chinese travel around the country to visit their family.

Or take a short vacation, like a woman who decided to visit Paris. Knowing that she had a fever, she took antipyretics before entering the Wuhan airport, so she managed to bypass airport thermovision control , set up to catch people with fever and fly to Paris.

The whole action would remain a secret if a woman did not boast about her trick in Chinese social media. Indignant users reported the whole procedure to the Chinese authorities, who had already contacted the woman through the embassy in Paris.

Not all infected travelers have boasted of this fact on social media. At least, this can be judged by the fact that the French authorities have already confirmed three cases of coronavirus infection in France. The virus has also been found in Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Nepal, Malaysia and Australia. The virus also reached Taiwan, where one patient was fined the equivalent of 10,000. dollars. for concealing the fact that he returned to Taipei while sick.

Polish thread

The Chief Sanitary Inspectorate reassures that so far no cases of coronavirus 2019-nCoV have been reported. It is true that four students of Rzeszów University of Technology were in Wuhan when the virus was discovered. However, when the Poles learned about the planned quarantine, they shortened their stay in China and returned to the country. Before departure from Beijing and after landing at Okęcie, they were thoroughly examined. GIS was so cold that in addition to research, after landing in Poland, students were subjected to additional quarantine.

GIS also decided to introduce additional health checks for all passengers arriving in Poland from Asian countries. In addition to the test, auditors must inform our services where they will be staying for the next two weeks.

On the one hand, all these procedures sound very reassuring, but on the other - they do not cover travelers from France at all, where the virus has already penetrated. So there are some chances that it will also come to our country.

There are still 30 Poles in Wuhan and the surrounding area. It is not yet known whether our authorities dealt with the issue of bringing them home. Citizens of other European countries are in a similar situation.

An epidemic is possible

For now, epidemiologists do not use this word (to describe the current state), but the virus has already killed 81 people, and the number of infected is still growing. The situation is not helped by the fact that during the first week of virus incubation, the infected person shows no (or minimal) symptoms. Many people claim that the potential of 2019-nCoV can match the SARS virus, which killed 774 people in 2002-2003.

The Chinese economy is also worried about the epidemic. Sectors such as gastronomy, tourism and transport will surely see the largest decreases. People who hear about the risk of contracting a deadly virus are able to amazingly cancel their planned vacation trip, stay at home and not spend money. Experts estimate that the SARS epidemic has cost the world economy $ 30-50 billion.

It is still unknown where the 2019-nCoV virus came from

According to the least fascinating (and probably true) theory, 2019-nCoV has mutated from coronaviruses that only animals have ever had. The main suspects here are snakes and bats - both of these species occur at the market in Wuhan (where they serve e.g. soup with feathered bat), so there could easily be a mutation that found its patient zero among people.

In turn, the most fascinating says that the virus escaped from the National Biosafety Laboratory - a Chinese laboratory that opened in Wuhan in 2018. Only NBL examined the most dangerous pathogens like SARS or Ebola. For now, however, there is no indication that this was the real development of events, which of course does not prevent ( neither the media nor Internet users) from providing this information further.

Regardless of the origin of the virus, the current priority of epidemiologists is to determine whether the virus still transmits only from animals to humans, or has already figured out how to spread from human to human. The latter option significantly increases the chances of a global pandemic breaking out.

He concealed the disease and got 10,000 dollars. punishment, she took medicine to hide the fever


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