Google blocks paid extensions for Chrome. Too many scammers have used them

Difficult times came for the creators of paid extensions for Chrome, Google suspended the possibility of adding them and automatically introducing updates to them. All because fraudsters trying to trick Chrome Web Store users have become too hot.

Chrome Web Store has not been doing well for some time. Google reveals that it has seen a sharp increase in the number of suspicious payments sent via this channel since the beginning of the month . In the end, to stop it, the company made quite a drastic decision. Not only blocked access to user wallets of potential thieves, but also all creators of paid extensions using the Chrome Web Store payment system.

The publishing of paid extensions for Google Chrome has been suspended.

An announcement explaining the situation was published on the extension developers forum . We can read in it that the Chrome Web Store team is working on a long-term solution that directly relates to the observed pattern of abuse, but until it finds it, a means of protecting users will be preventive blocking the possibility of publishing some extensions on Chrome Web Store.

The blacklist includes not only completely paid add-ons, but also those that offer paid subscription plans or additional items that the user can buy by paying via the Chrome Web Store.

Although products that are already in the store will not disappear, any attempt to add updates to them will be automatically rejected.

Google rejected your Chrome extension ? You can appeal.

Developers who have received e-mails that refuse to update them can, fortunately, appeal against them. Their work will then be scrupulously reviewed by people working in the Chrome Web Store team. Considering that Chrome is currently blocking probably more than it can efficiently check, it is better to be patient in this case.

It is not known how big the scale of the problem must be that Google decided to take such drastic steps to solve it. However, I hope that when the company resolves the crisis, it will send a message revealing a little more information on this topic.

By the way, it is hard not to have a sad reflection that, after years of Google's promises and assurances that the company is working on user safety also on this front, you can still not use Chrome extensions without fear of being cheated or falling be the prey of spies .

Google blocks paid extensions for Chrome. Too many scammers have used them


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