Godfall convinces me that exclusivity for PS5 is a financial act. The game could work on PS4

Godfall is the first officially presented production aimed at the PlayStation 5. The trailer leaked to the network of the trailer realized for the internal needs of the publisher, which shows this game in action. After watching the material, let me quote you youth: no breaks .

Godfall is a title that will only appear on PlayStation 5 and personal computers. The video game will bypass the current generation of gaming platforms, as well as the Xbox X Series. The absence of PS4 and XONE, however, does not seem dictated by the desire to create a program with a truly revolutionary visual setting. I am looking at fragments of gameplay from non-public material and I have no doubt that such God of War for PlayStation 4 looks much, much better .

I have the impression that Godfall would easily work on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

This conclusion comes to me after seeing fragments of the game. Of course, at this point, a commentator sympathizing with the publisher or producers could indicate that PS4 or XONE could not cope with e.g. volumetric light visible on one of the shots. This would be true, but it is also true that volumes can easily be replaced by more economical graphic effects, while achieving the correct environmental effects.

Optimization is one of the very important aspects when creating video games. It is not an art to implement a real-time lighting environment (ray tracing) into your work and then claim that only the new generation of gaming equipment will meet your groundbreaking vision. That's why when I look at the quality of textures, the level of details or the number of objects visible on the screen in Godfall, I feel that my PS4 Pro could easily handle this title. I see nothing groundbreaking or revolutionary in it.

Godfall exclusively for PS5 and PC is rather a business decision.

However, we are talking about cooperative production, which is about defeating opponents together, collecting treasures and developing characters. Godfall is based on the same non- grind mechanics as Destiny 2, Anthem, The Division 2, Diablo 3 or Warframe. With such a large and strong competition, the new production would have big problems to break through and reach customers. However, there is no competition on PlayStation 5. As one of the starting titles, Godfall will receive a better promotion and advertisement than if it had been released at any other time.

Here we come to a very interesting issue, which is backward compatibility on PlayStation 5. We already know that such a feature will appear on the Sony console. We do not know in what form and when exactly. If full backward compatibility was available from the very premiere, fans of Destiny 2, Diablo 3 or The Division 2 would easily jump to the new system, using faster loading times. Which of course would be very wrong with the publisher of Godfall. That is why I wonder if the possibility of starting games from PS4 on PS5 will not be added at a slightly later date.

Meanwhile, Godfall's producers have confirmed the authenticity of the internal trailer. According to them, this is material from last year, also from the version for personal computers.

Godfall convinces me that exclusivity for PS5 is a financial act. The game could work on PS4


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