Elon Musk warms up in the witcher s glow. The billionaire asked fans if they would like to play The Witcher in Tesla

Another Tesla car may have a coin slot on the steering wheel. Elon Musk asked his fans if they would throw a penny to play The Witcher in Tesla.

Elon Musk is a real social media star. Although some of his news has already caused widespread outrage and influenced the price of his company's shares in the past, he still has a lot to follow his every move. He uses it to ask them an unusual question from time to time.

Elon Musk asked fans if they would like to play The Witcher in Tesla .

And it is not at all about it, sitting behind the wheel to pull out of the bag Nintendo Switch the switcher rebuffed . Specifically, Elon Musk asks if his fans would like to launch the last Witcher game directly on the onboard computer of his Tesla cars .


Since The Witcher has been warmly received by fans, the affirmative answers are not surprising. One hour after the message appeared, 84.5 percent from over 100,000 people participating in the survey admitted that they would be happy to "drop a penny" for this opportunity.

No wonder that Elon Musk around The Witcher brand is making noise today.

The last game in the CD Projekt RED series came on sale in 2015, and the series based on the prose of Andrzej Sapkowski was broadcast a month ago, but it does not matter. Yesterday the news finally broke that The Witcher is on track to become the most-watched first season on the Netflix platform.

And this is what Netflix is ​​all about. Elon Musk used his question about a video game whose port for cars no one seriously takes to remind you that his company's cars allow you to play video materials from the Netflix library. It's a smart way to divert attention from the fact that black clouds are gathering above Tesla .

Elon Musk warms up in the witcher's glow. Billionaire asked fans if they would like to play The Witcher in Tesla


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