Cyberpunk 2077: is the new date certain, what about crunch, what about the competition, what about the new generation?

CD Projekt RED explains the reasons for the delay in the release of Cyberpunk 2077 along with the multiplayer version and honestly admits that developers will not avoid crunching in the holidays. The company is already certain of the new release date, and no other AAA game is currently paying attention to it.

Yesterday the news broke that the premiere of Cyberpunk 2077 was delayed by five months . Admittedly, players basically expected it and rather do not hold this decision against the company - this is not a sensation in the industry, and The Witcher 3: Dziki Gon also scored a slippage, only from February to May - but today the stock market reacted nervously.

CD Projekt RED lost more than 10 percent after its announcement after a night. share values. The company had to take this scenario into account, so it quickly organized a conference call during which it explained the reasons for its decision. The transcription was made available to anyone interested and we were able to extract a lot of flavors from it.

Developers from CD Projekt RED will not avoid crunch

Thanks to the release delay, the game will probably be much more refined, but if someone thinks that the additional five months will allow developers to take a break, he is wrong. If the game were released in April, as originally assumed, the game developers could go on a well-deserved vacation.

The September premiere, meanwhile, means that all company employees will be at their highest speed during the holiday season. No one hides the fact that they will have to work hard. It leaves no doubt as to the answer to the question of whether programmers and artists will be expected to have crunch :

To some extent, yes, to be honest. We're trying to limit crunch as much as possible, but we're currently on the last straight. We try to be moderate, but unfortunately these are the realities - explains Adam Kiciński, president of the board of CD Projekt in an interview with shareholders

Cyberpunk 2077 and Cyberpunk 2077 Multiplayer are two separate AAA games

Currently, only two AAA titles are under development. Cyberpunk 2077 is a single-player RPG game, but in addition to it as a separate item will be released multiplayer. Cyberpunk 2077 Multiplayer is, however, a conventional name.

As for the release date of Cyberpunk 2077 Multiplayer, as a result of the delay in the basic version of the game you should expect to postpone this date as well. It was originally assumed that the multiplayer module would appear in 2021. Now the chances are small.

(...) considering the expected premiere of Cyberpunk 2077 in September and the events that will follow after this premiere, it seems to us that the premiere of the Cyberpunk multiplayer version in 2021 is rather unlikely - said Michał Nowakowski.

cyberpunk 2077 screenshot e3 2019 13

CD Projekt RED is not currently working on any other games in this category

For years, fans have dreamed of the next installment of the Witcher series. I would see Ciri myself as a protagonist. The hopes for continuation were fueled by the company's agreement with Andrzej Sapkowski . However, the company's management leaves no doubt - work on another AAA-type game is not currently underway.

I would like to explain here that the multiplayer Cyberpunk is the AAA game that we are currently working on in parallel with CP2077 - explained Michał Nowakowski.

This, of course, does not mean that other projects are not being developed. Work is continuing on Gwent, which has withdrawn from consoles, but has found its way to smartphones and tablets. However, I would not count on more stories from the Witcher world. Unfortunately, Thronebreaker, a RPG based on card games, has gone unnoticed.

The company's management is sure of the Cyberpunk 2077 release date in September, as the game has been playable for several months

Adam Kiciński emphasizes that there is no need to hire additional employees to work on Cyberpunk 2077. A possible recruitment can be conducted for other projects. The company's representatives also confirmed several times that the September date was not chosen by accident.

It is necessary to remove some defects and polish the game, but as we have already said - we have the game and can go from beginning to end (...) we are sure of the new date - said Adam Kiciński.

Michał Nowakowski, a member of the board responsible for publishing, emphasizes that the company knows where it stands and which aspects of the game require refinement and has much more experience than when working on the third Witcher. However, Adam Kiciński claims that there is no "fundamental" problem with the game.

What about the next generation of consoles and other September premieres?

Of course, we are looking at the new generation and we have a lot of information about these platforms, but at the moment we are not able to say anything more about it - said Michał Nowakowski.

The company only emphasizes that it is working on the game for PCs and consoles Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Although we already know that the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 are from the beginning to be compatible with games from the current generation, but we know nothing about the patch improving the binding Cyberpunk 2077 on new equipment.

We want Cyberpunk 2077 to be the crowning achievement of our work on the current generation of consoles - said Adam Kiciński.

When it comes to competition, CD Projekt RED is calm. In my opinion - rightly so. It is rather other studies that are currently frightening at the thought of competition with Cyberpunk 2077 rather than the other way around. Michał Nowakowski also points out that, in principle, no month in this industry can be considered "safe".

We think that a polished single-player RPG with an interesting scenario will find its place on the market regardless of the release date. This is how our approach can be determined - said Adam Kiciński.

cyberpunk 2077 screenshot e3 2019 13

Cyberpunk 2077 - what's next?

CD Projekt RED is also not afraid of contractual penalties on the part of distributors for failing to meet the deadline, and some of them have already been discussed on this topic. Those who have been interviewed so far have shown forgiveness and, as Michał Nowakowski claims, supported the unanimous decision of the company's management board.

We are waiting for more information about the game, including its PEGI and ESRB ratings. The closer to the premiere, the more will be, possibly without the holiday period. It is true that the company does not plan shows for the press in February or March, it is possible that we will see something specific already in April.

Cyberpunk 2077: is the new date certain about the crunch, what about the competition, what about the new generation?


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