Canon is serious about video. New EOS R5 with 8K recording

The next Canon mirrorless camera can record in 8K. It would sound incredible if not for the last premiere of EOS 1D X Mark III. Canon is clearly coming back to the game in terms of filming.

There are more and more reports about the new Canon mirrorless camera, which would be called EOS R5 (or, as previously thought, EOS RS). For now, it is not known whether the camera will be the successor to the EOS R, or a development of the first generation of equipment, but the specification promises to be really impressive.

Canon EOS R5 with 45 megapixel matrix, stabilization and recording in 8K.

canon eos r5

According to Canon Rumors , the upcoming Canon EOS R5 is to be a true photo-movie powerhouse. It is to contain a 45 megapixel matrix, while it would be stabilized. The lack of mechanical image stabilization in the Canon EOS R is widely recognized as one of the biggest disadvantages of this equipment, so the presence of stabilization in the EOS R5 really will be useful.

What's more, stabilization would be as effective as 5 degrees EV. In turn, combined with the optical lens stabilization, the whole would achieve 7-8 EV EV performance. With such options, the gimbal will be superfluous in many situations.

Added to this is the enormous rate of fire, because the camera would offer a serial mode of 12 fps for mechanical shutter and as much as 20 fps for electronic.

Canon EOS R 5 with 8K recording.

It's really interesting when it comes to video. Canon EOS R5 would record in 8K resolution at 30 fps, and speed in 4K would reach up to 120 fps.

Such a specification would be a real bomb in the video market. Just a month ago I would not believe that such a specification will be possible in 2020, but Canon showed that it takes video really seriously. All thanks to the Canon EOS – 1D X Mark III , which offers the groundbreaking 6K video mode, and the internal recording of RAW 5.5K / 60p movies in 12 bits. The market has never seen anything like this, especially in a full frame camera.

How does all this bear the battery? Apparently good, because in the EOS R5 a new cell is to appear, although Canon is to maintain compatibility with batteries known from the EOS 5D Mark IV.

When will the premiere of the Canon EOS R5?

The official announcement is to take place just before the CP + tags, which start on February 27. The camera would hit stores in July 2020. It would make a lot of sense, because in September 2020 it will be two years since the premiere of the EOS R. This is the highest time to show the successor (or extension of the R series), especially since the mirrorless market is developing very quickly and the competition is extremely strong.

It looks like the AD 2020 mirrorless camera will usher in a new era in video recording. Remember that the long-awaited Sony A7S III is coming to filmmakers . We are on the verge of making the entry in 6K, and maybe even in 8K. The market is ready for it. There are more and more TVs with 8K resolution.

Clear, for a good 2-3 years resolutions above 4K will be a niche and a solution only for the largest enthusiasts or the most demanding professionals. However, we are observing a repetition of history from the time when 4K technology was just crawling. At the time, it was also said that 4K is too much, that these are the same problems, that it makes no sense. Meanwhile, 4K is the absolute standard today. Don't you believe Then try to buy a new 1080p TV in 2020.

And although television is not keeping up with the development of technology, we do not have to wait for it anymore. More and more people give it up for streaming, and yet Netflix, HBO Go or Apple TV + offer 4K quality without any problems.

Recording in 6K or 8K in 2020 makes perfect sense.

Even if we release materials only in 4K resolution, the source material in 6K / 8K gives much more room for editing. You can even more effectively crop the image without loss of quality, or apply stabilization without any consequences. Added to this is the obvious benefit of a sharper image.

The preview of the Canon EOS R5 is only a leak at the moment, so the information may not be confirmed. Remember, however, that cameras with this specification will come, if not in the coming months, then a little later. The transition to 8K is only a matter of time.

Canon is serious about video. New EOS R5 with 8K recording


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