Camouflage against strangers rather average. The USA boasted United States Space Force emblems and uniforms

While in Poland we are still buying the Patriot missile system from 1995 (Romanians and Greeks, among others, are faster), in the US they are already thinking about military domination over space. The power around Earth's plans are to provide Americans with United States Space Force. Their official emblems and uniforms have just been presented.

United States Space Force is the official, full-fledged branch of the US Army. The USSF was established at the end of 2019 and is the first new arm of the US Armed Forces since 1947, when the US Air Force was established. Earlier, Space Force was an Air Force cell, operating in the structures of American aviation during the Cold War. Now space forces have been separated as a separate (although subordinate to the same secretary) US armed arm, designed to prepare the power for a new era of threats, challenges and conflicts.

The task of the United States Space Force is to organize operations and protect US interests in space.

The USSF got a very broad, general and open role to fulfill. Protecting the interests of the United States in space can be understood in many ways. Satellite intelligence, orbital weapons, cannons on the moon - Space Force is to ensure the safety and success of the US regardless of the nature of the mission with which the Americans set off to the stars. And they will move more and more often, because the conquest of space has become as interesting as during the Cold War. It can also be profitable soon.

The United States of America, the Russian Federation, the People's Republic of China - the eyes of global and regional power leaders are increasingly turning to the stars. Colonization of the Moon and Mars are goals that can be achieved by our generation or our children. However, as in the case of colonization of Africa or the Americas, the process can be a source of conflict. Also of a military nature. Space Force appears here.

Of course, space battles so strongly ignite the imagination of science fiction fans is a very distant scenario that does not have to come true. The vast majority of USSF's tasks will be more mundane. The structure will train pilots and astronauts, carry out intelligence missions, develop and acquire space military systems, increase deterrence and develop US space doctrine.

Now the USSF has boasted official patches, emblems and uniforms.

The cosmic arm of the American army will closely refer to the Air Force from which it comes. The official official uniform of USSF soldiers is exactly the same as that of pilots, with characteristic dark-blue jackets and details such as buttons decorated with wings. The first man appearing in the official uniform of the USSF is visible above General John W. Raymond - currently the highest-ranking member of the USSF.

As for operational / field uniforms, the USSF will use ACU combat uniforms widely used on a large scale by the United States Army and Air Force. Each of us has seen the ACU uniforms many times in video games, movies, series and in news reports. American soldiers wear them, among others in Iraq and Afghanistan. Space Force has decided on a variant with green, universal OCP camouflage. That would be enough if you kept your fingers crossed for the costumes of the Star Wars stormtroopers.

Of course, emblems and patches will be unique to the USSF. On the shoulder of the space soldier we will see American bald eagle. The bird spreads its wings wide above the planet Earth. The first batches of uniforms have already reached the Pentagon, of which Space Force boasted through an official Twitter account . Of course, the information has become a source of many jokes from the selected camouflage, centered around the subtle differences between the green jungle and the blackness of the cosmos.

Camouflage against strangers rather average. The USA boasted United States Space Force emblems and uniforms


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