Bestcena store blocked by the Tax Office. They sold smartphones the cheapest in Poland

Already two weeks ago warned on its social media profiles that delays in order fulfillment should be expected. The problems are getting worse, and I think everything is supposed to be fiscal control. is a very popular electronics store in our country. This popularity has probably gained primarily due to the sensational positioning in price comparison websites. Looking for a phone in the Ceneo service, it is probably that will appear the highest, usually with an attractive price.

We do not know this as a fact, but given our and our readers' anecdotal experience, has probably managed to maintain a competitive offer through dexterity and efficiency in importing equipment from other markets. I once bought a Lumia phone from them for distribution in France. I would like to emphasize that I did not have any problem with this. However, why I write in the conditional mode, instead of honestly verifying this thesis I will explain in a moment.

It is worth noting that the favorable market position of meant that large retail chains signed contracts with the store. The store carried out orders, among others, for Empik and Carrefour stores. has ceased operations. You can not order goods, the fate of those ordered is not clear.

Already two weeks ago, a warning appeared on the Facebook profile of Bestcena that orders could be processed even for several business days. The reasons are not given. At some point, however, impatient customers started calling the store with questions about what was happening with the order they had paid for. You can read the accounts of these clients in the post attached above. informs people contacting the store that it is under state tax control, which means that the work of the entire store has been paralyzed. Buttons for ordering goods are inactive in the store, and - according to customer reports - some people still receive goods, although with a very long delay of many days.

We tried to contact Bestcena by phone and email, asking for comments. Unfortunately, until the publication of the text, no one has received it, and for the e-mail we have sent, we have received an answer from the automatic responder, in the text suggesting that soon someone will deal with our application immediately.

Our brother received a short message in which Bestcena informs that due to fiscal control our bank account and order processing have been suspended. Of course, we make every effort to change this situation and return your payment as soon as possible.

We keep our fingers crossed for the positive final of the case.

Bestcena store blocked by the Tax Office. They sold smartphones the cheapest in Poland


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