Apple worked on encrypting backups in iCloud. He gave it up under the influence of the FBI

Apparently, Apple reported itself to the FBI with the idea of ​​encrypting iCloud backups, and the services torpedoed the idea. The matter is not as clear-cut as it is presented by the media.

Reuters released material yesterday that convinces Apple to give up plans to introduce full encryption of user backup files in the zero knowledge encryption cloud two years ago. The company was also supposed to do this at the behest of the US services, namely the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The entry went to fertile ground, because the fact is that Apple can decrypt backups made under the iCloud cloud.

Of course, it's also not that Apple doesn't encrypt user data at all. On the company's website you can find detailed information on how exactly our files stored under iCloud are protected. However, keep in mind that the Cupertino company has its own key to decrypt them.

This means that online backup cannot be protected so that even Apple cannot get to the user's files - and even optionally. To fully protect your data, you need to make a backup locally on your computer. Only then can a local key be generated, without which access to the data will not be possible.

It is worth mentioning that, by default, full encryption of the local backup of iPhones and iPads is turned off, but it does not save some data, such as Wi-Fi passwords, then. The most important thing is that when you rip a copy of your data to your computer, you can enable an additional level of security.

Reuters argues that we will never see anything similar in the cloud.

Although Apple worked on full end-to-end encryption for backing up its clients' data in the cloud, it reportedly abandoned further work on this solution two years ago. The company was to decide on this step after revealing its intentions to the FBI. The agency was naturally not happy about the idea.

Arranging with services is a serious accusation against a company that builds the image of a company that puts the privacy of users above all else - of course, in contrast to its direct competition. This is so surprising that immediately there were doubts in this matter.

Reports about Apple's arrangement with the FBI contradict Tim Cook's words a year ago. As noted by John Gruber , author of the blog DaringFireball, the head of Apple spoke about the full encryption of backups in iCloud as a function that will probably appear in the future.

In addition, Tim Cook explained why this is not yet available in the interview given a year ago.

He presented his position on data encryption to . According to his statements, that in crisis situations Apple can recover data from iCloud, customers expect. The head of Apple, however, did not rule out that someday the company's approach in this matter would change.

It is puzzling that Tim Cook spoke openly about it a year after Apple's alleged arrangement with the FBI, but that is not the end of the question marks in this case. It turns out that such encryption was reportedly implemented by Google in its Android operating system and here the FBI, as far as we know, did not intervene.

In addition, Apple actually gives users tools to protect data. Although this requires you to opt out of iCloud, it is feasible. Anyway, even as part of iCloud, some of the sensitive data is encrypted in the end-to-end model, and exactly these mechanisms are described by the website .

Apple, of course, does not officially refer to the case.

The material prepared by Reuters leaves Apple as a privacy-conscious company. Whether or not rightly, we will probably never find out. Tim Cook, however, is not known for revealing what his company is working on and his application to the FBI would be a precedent.

Of course, it cannot be ruled out that US services have actually convinced Apple to change its strategy, but especially proactive behind-the-scenes activities don't sound like a likely scenario. It was supposed to happen when the case of the iPhone bomber from San Bernardino was loud.

Due to these doubts, I would be far from taking information from anonymous sources of Reuters for granted. The more that Apple collects publicly - even from Donald Trump, President of the United States - precisely because of how it protects the privacy of its customers. Whoever they were .

Apple worked on encrypting backups in iCloud. He gave it up under the influence of the FBI


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