A quiet hero of my smart home - roller blind switch

What can a simple roller shutter switch do? Leaves or raises blinds, straight. And what can my roller shutter switch? Everything. EVERYTHING.

Yes, they anticipate the comments - if I wanted, he would probably be able to make me tea (I don't drink coffee). And I'm already explaining what I mean.

Of course, this is a small modulator that is hidden in the box behind the roller shutter switch.

The roller shutters themselves, which I chose for my home, are not characterized by anything outstanding - you can buy them in every better DIY store for several dozen zlotys. I bought them because my wife said I should buy one I liked them and I didn't count on ever touching them. After all, I have a smart home, the blinds are to close themselves, so the physical switch is here only for decoration.

And yet I was wrong. And it's powerful. Also in terms of the fact that no matter what switches I buy, they will all interact with my smart home in the same way. But more on that later.

So where is all this magic hidden? Behind every roller shutter switch in my house, in a can, the Fibaro Roller Shutter module is crammed. And so, its basic function is to replace the physical button and operate the blinds according to the scenes, schedule or e.g. commands from external remote controls or applications. Roller blind up, roller blind down, half blind, 30% blind - what we like.

Standard, no surprise.

However, I was surprised when I learned from the installer that each roller shutter switch button can be ... a smart home remote control.

Yes, each button - normally only used for operating blinds - can be a control button for anything else in my home. Something like Button I praised earlier, but even better. It is better - at least in my case - because the switches I have selected have two separate buttons (up and down), which means that in each switch I actually have two separate remote controls.

I can assign 4 separate actions to each of them - for single click, double, triple, and hold. In total 8 actions, although to be fair, we hope that 6 - after all, it is better just in case to keep the default function for a single click up and down ...

This means that in virtually every room I have an additional remote control to control a smart home, to which I can assign almost everything.

For example, in the kitchen, which is near the exit from the house, double-clicking down closes the blinds, and then with a few minutes delay turns off all the lights in the house so that they do not shine unnecessarily when I leave. Two clicks up and all blinds go up. I did not have to plan any central control at the stage of designing the installation or installation of blinds. I did it long after installing them, devoting 5 minutes to it in the Fibaro panel.

In the office, on the other hand, double-clicking up opens the roof windows, so that while sitting at the computer I can enjoy the fresh air and ventilate the house. And of course, the right combination of clicks reverses the process so that the windows don't accidentally stay open for too long. I have even assigned separate clicks to turn off the dryer (after drying it turns around and round, which annoys me, and I don't want to go down and turn it off manually) and ... the audio system in the kitchen, which sometimes bypassed is turned on.

Garderobo-gym? I have already written a little about using Button to prepare a training room. From the level of the roller shutter switch, which I have on hand shortly after leaving the exercise bike, for example, I restore everything to the previous settings. The only difference is that after a few minutes the light goes out so that I can easily leave the room.

And these examples can be multiplied indefinitely.

Because for each combination of clicks you can assign either a single action, or entire scenes, or even combinations of scenes. Everything that has a remote control option in my home can be controlled in this way - there are no restrictions.

I admit, however, that not all combinations of clicks are already filled . In some cases I am still waiting for ideas, while in others my ideas turn out to be so-so and I experiment with replacing them with others. I do not want to come to a situation where there is so much a combination that I have to have a note with a list to know what and where to click.

On the other hand ...

... the best part is that no one needs to know about these abbreviations .

Which is useful even when a family member comes to take care of the house in my absence. All roller shutter switches in their basic mode, i.e. single click, work absolutely standard. Sometimes I just tell you that double clicking up will raise all, double clicking down will close all. But if I do not want to complicate - I sit quietly.

And it is also beautiful in this solution. We do not need to enter another additional control element. We use what we already have, adding a module invisible to the outside eye, hidden behind a switch that we can almost freely choose.

Almost, because in the salon, for technical reasons, I have slightly different switches. They do not have separate buttons, but they can only be switched to the mode of lowering and raising blinds. For obvious reasons, they will not work well in the remote control mode, because they simply cannot be clicked repeatedly or it just doesn't make much sense and it is not convenient.

Realizing this was for me the more painful moment that the remote control option has not only Roller Shutter, but also a Switch, which I have connected to all cans with lighting control buttons. So yes - I could have more remote controls in each switch, gaining even more options to control my smart home. Unfortunately I can't have one because I have classic switches that have two positions - top and bottom. If they were clicking , the conversation would be different.

However, this perspective is so tempting that I do not know if I will offer my wife some time to refurbish when it comes to buttons. After all, fashions change and from time to time replace old switches with something newer and prettier ...

A quiet hero of my smart home - roller blind switch


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