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Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro: New Pricing and Features Leaked for the US and UK Markets

Google plans to the Google Pixel 8 and 8 Pro release date on October 4. New details about the phones’ pricing in the United States and the United Kingdom have now emerged online. Alongside the pricing, key features of both models have also been leaked. The Google Pixel 8 leaks show that it will cost … The post Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro: New Pricing and Features Leaked for the US and UK Markets appeared first on XiaomiToday .

Google has acquired another specialization. Based on a photo of the retina, he will recognize anemia

Just a moment, and the artificial intelligence developed by Google will be the most comprehensive doctor in the world who will be able to diagnose his patients instantly. For example, based on a photo of their retina. The Google Deepmind algorithm has already been able to identify people who may develop coronary heart disease on this basis. Now, based on the same photo, he will also be able to detect anemia , i.e. anemia. Google's artificial intelligence will detect anemia Anemia is a common complication associated with diabetes and chronic kidney disease (CKD). How will Google detect it? According to the guidelines of the World Health Organization, anemia is diagnosed when hemoglobin levels are less than 13 g / dl in men and 12 g / dl in women. The algorithm is able to quite accurately assess the concentration of this substance based on the photo of the retina of the eye, using the method of quantification. The current accuracy of the algorithm when it c

Selfie on a cosmic walk. Established on Nikon D5

Selfie from the dearest Nikon DSLR, made in space? I can see such photographs for hours. Let's see what photographic equipment astronauts have at ISS. Jessica Meir is an astronaut working at NASA. He currently lives not on Earth, but on the International Space Station. Meir, along with five other astronauts , is a member of the 61st ISS mission. The expedition began in October 2019 and will last until February 2020. For several years, astronauts on the ISS have been thriving on social media, especially on Twitter. They connect to the internet directly from the station and publish entries and dozens of photos of our planet seen from orbit. Jessica Meir is another astronaut who gives her relationship a personal, human character. You can see it in the selfie photos. On the Meir profile we will find dozens of beautiful photos showing cities and wild regions of the Earth, but the most popular lately h

What are the largest stores doing to waste as little food as possible? The correct answer is still not enough

The topic of food waste returns like a boomerang, especially now that the new Food Waste Act has entered into force. What are stores doing to throw away as little as possible and what can we do to reduce our own bad habits? The Act on Counteracting Food Waste entered into force on September 18, 2019 and pursuant to it all stores with an area over 250 m2, for which food constitutes at least 50 percent. total revenues, they are required to sign contracts with charities. Until now, stores have concluded such agreements on a voluntary basis. From March 1, 2020 this will be mandatory, although for the first two years the new law will cover only the largest of stores - those over 400m2 of space. If the store does not sign a contract with a charity after this time, it will have to pay a fine of PLN 5,000, and then pay PLN 0.10 for every 1 kg of wasted food. Why are stores supposed to fight food waste? This question is justified because it is not stores that are prima

Vectra acquires Multimedia Polska. 4.4 million households within network coverage

Multimedia Polska as an independent entity has just ceased to exist. Vectra SA announced the purchase of 100% shares of the current competitor, thereby significantly increasing its reach and the number of customers served. Multimedia Polska has a new owner , Vectra SA. These two quite large cable TV operators join forces to meet the challenges posed by the modern television and video content market. After the acquisition of all Multimedia Polska shares, Vecta SA can boast of 1.7 million subscribers, and potential new clients - i.e. those within the reach of Vectra or Multimedia Polska - there are 4.4 million. Greater investment capacity and managerial talent of the merged entities will translate into the opportunity to offer a more attractive offer to both retail and business customers, which is the merits of this transaction - assures Tomasz Żurański, President of the Management Board of Vectra SA in a prepared press statement. I am a client of Multimedia Polsk

In February, you won t know the interface of your Xbox One. Again

One of the things that Microsoft did not work out in this generation of game consoles is the main interface. It has already been rebuilt many times, and in February Xbox One will present us something completely different again. Eh. I love my Xbox One, also when it comes to its software features. I also really like the Guide's quick menu, called by the Xbox button on the gamepad. However, it is difficult to fall in love with everyone else, which at most pleases the eye of some - but it is hardly legible and terribly unresponsive. Microsoft's decision to reserve the least amount of console resources for the operating system - to have as many games as possible at their disposal - resulted in the Xbox menu responding to commands with a long delay. Background services (for example, automatic game updates) can be thrown out of memory before being started at the least appropriate moment. And in addition you have to click well to get to an option other than the m

Virus protection is not enough. Edge will also block annoying applications

Edge from the very beginning has a built-in optional scanner that protects the Internet user from malware. Microsoft, however, is already testing an additional module. The one that will defend us against adware and other crapware. Edge - and before it Internet Explorer - has long been equipped with the first module of defense against malware. It's called SmartScreen and scans files before they are even saved in our computer's memory. This module is optional due to the controversy it raises - it often consults the cloud regarding the analyzed data, which can be treated as a breach of privacy - but it is very effective. And soon it will gain a companion. The second protection module, also optional, does not have such a fancy name as SmartScreen. This is a new option in Edge's settings, present for some time in its early version of Canary, and today introduced to the Beta test channel. It's called Block potentially unwanted applications and the n

Yorkshire police are looking for Lord of the Ring on Facebook. Seriously

Yorkshire police are looking for a ruler of Mordor. She found his sssssskarb. Darkness once again enveloped the forests of the world, the shadow was spoken in the east, the unnamed fear was whispered, and the Ring of Power realized that his time had come. He abandoned Gollum. However, fate thwarted the intentions of the Ring, he was lifted up by the least called creature - a policeman. Peter Wilson from York. York police are trying to locate the owner of the characteristic silver ring and appeal to the public for help. The ring was recovered along with the property that was stolen during a burglary in a house in York in February 2019. Unfortunately, despite the efforts, the police were unable to find the rightful owner of the ring. Detective Constable Pete Wilson of the York Investigation Hub said: "Unfortunately, we were unable to find the owner of the ring and return it to him. However, because it is such a characteristic piece of jewelry, we hope that

The FBI is checking the creators of Pegasus. Israeli company broke the law in the US?

The NSO Group was targeted by the FBI. Agents check what role the company played in hacking the equipment of American citizens and companies. According to Reuters , the FBI began to be interested in an Israeli company as early as 2017. At that time, the agents of the office wanted to find out whether NSO is using the acquired from American hackers. Although the company reserves that its products cannot be used to track American smartphones, some cyber security specialists express their doubt on this issue. Others say that they not only can, but that they are already tracking. NSO Group is a company that has been in the spotlight not only in Poland. The company is known in Poland primarily as the creator of the loud Pegasus , which allows you to break into the victim's phone and spy on it in a way extremely difficult to detect, but in the world for a long time raises a lot of controversy. Although the NSO officially claims to make its spy software available o

Warcraft III Reforged disappointed me a lot

Warcraft III is one of my beloved RTSs. That's why the idea for Reforged seemed sensational to me. The same game, the same mechanisms, but in a refreshed graphic design and with many flavors for fans of the series. I threw Kazimierz III Wielki on the monitor screen, and my body was already stressed before the next unhealthy night marathons. And what? And meatball. I will not hide: I play the Warcraft III Reforged campaign and I have a smile from ear to ear. Returning to the story of the fallen Arthas is a great deal. A sentimental trip at which time flies like crazy, and I once again nod my head in appreciation for former Blizzard. Great characters, great dialogues, great twists and turns - amazing how cinematic, polished and universal the campaign in Warcraft III was. You can't have fun with her. I just can't. Unfortunately, with each hour of Warcraft III Reforged I was burdened with more and more deficiencies. I've prepared a list. I collected

Coronavirus: Population Defense Mechanism launched in Europe

213 fatalities worldwide and the first confirmed cases of 2019-nCoV in Europe. This is the latest picture of the coronavirus-related situation that was discovered in Wuhan. What do politicians do about this? Janez Lenarcic, Commissioner for Crisis Management, launched the so-called Civil Defense Mechanism. This means that all European Union citizens currently residing in China will be transported to Europe. The action is coordinated by the European Crisis Response Coordination Center, which has decided to mobilize two passenger aircraft that will fly to China for EU citizens. Poles staying in China can count on help The first plane already flew to China, from where it took about 250 French citizens. The second is preparing for flight and about 100 people will return to the EU on board. Including probably Poles who are still in the territory of the Middle Kingdom. The European Center for Disease Prevention and Control closely monitors the situation and informs

Bestcena did not sell phones. She rented them and it is possible that customers will have to give them back

The popular store, which sold smartphones at the cheapest prices in Poland, stopped selling. The Tax Office has blocked the company's account, but the problem may also reach Bestcena's clients. According to the regulations, Bestcena did not sell smartphones, but rented them to consumers. So smartphones are still the property of Bestcena. Best Price has a problem This is not a routine audit of the Tax Office. Normal control does not involve blocking the company's account and stopping sales. Therefore, suspicions fall on whether Bestcena paid VAT - as Bezprawnik writes : From January 9 to today, prices for all products have risen significantly. It can be assumed that the increase is approximately 23%. And this is the VAT rate on products sold in Bestcena. For example, an iPhone 8+ with 128GB memory cost PLN 2,915 on January 9. Now it costs 3453 PLN. As if someone decided to add VAT to the value of the product. This raises serious doubts ab

We know the Polish prices of Samsung Galaxy S20. It will not be more expensive than a year ago

Polish prices of the entire Samsung Galaxy S20 family have just leaked. Good news: there will be no increases compared to last year's Galaxy S10 models. The premiere of Samsung Galaxy S20 is scheduled for February 11, 2020. We already know a lot about smartphones, but prices still remained unknown., citing its own source, published Polish prices of all Samsung galaxy S20. Here they are. All versions of the Samsung Galaxy S20 will be available in Poland. Here are the prices in PLN. Let's get to the point. Here are the basic versions of Samsung to be available in Poland: Samsung Galaxy S20 - 3949 PLN (12 GB RAM / 128 GB), Samsung Galaxy S20 + - PLN 4,399 (12 GB RAM / 128 GB), Samsung Galaxy S20 + 5G - PLN 4,849 (12 GB RAM / 128 GB), Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G - PLN 5999 (16 GB RAM / 512 GB). These are prices that largely correspond to last year's Samsung Galaxy S10. Samsung Galaxy S10e - 3299 PLN (6 GB RAM / 128 GB), Samsung Gala

The Google Earth app will now show not only Earth, but also beyond

Google Earth has an update showing not only Earth, but also what is beyond. Google Earth is one of those applications that I prefer not to have on my smartphone. Not at all because it is bad or weak. On the contrary. Every time I open it, I literally miss it. As soon as I check my surroundings out of curiosity, I visit Paris and New York. Later to London and Barcelona, ​​which I am going to soon. Later to Greece, where I was on vacation. And so it passes a quarter to a quarter. The new version of Google Earth is a good excuse to reinstall it. This time the novelty - contrary to the application name - does not apply to the Earth, but to its distant environment. In the view of the entire planet, the application shows a real picture of stars and even our galaxy seen in cross section. When you rotate the view, the background adjusts to the new look while maintaining the true sky map. This feature was previously available in the browser and in the desktop applicati

He recommended intravenous administration of a corrosive substance to the coronavirus. Jerzy Zięba s channel deleted from YouTube

In the morning very good news appeared - Jerzy Zięba's channel was removed from YouTube. Unfortunately, Zięba quickly collected himself and opened a new one. The case of Jerzy Zięba is an example of how YouTube has a dangerous nose. Traders of "left-handed" vitamin C and preying on fear Zięba, for years told harmful rubbish. The words, unfortunately, did not end there. The victims of his "hidden therapies" accused him of losing his health. It was only recently that the issue of the Chinese coronavirus was publicized that the platform found the content of the online shaman harmful. With a good shopping sense, Zięba sensed the opportunity. He quickly put together a film in which he said that the "creation" of the coronavirus was intended to "promote vaccines." He also advised avoiding doctors if we recognize his symptoms. Like any commercial content, Zięba's statement must end with call to action , i.e. a reference