The Outer Worlds is a game for fans of Fallout and RPGs in the old style

The Outer Worlds is the latest game from the creators of the great Fallout: New Vegas. You can feel it at every turn during the game and this is not bad news.

RPG games. RPGs are always the same. Well, at least that's the impression you get when they are made by Microsoft's Obsidian Entertainment studio today. When laying the foundation for The Outer Worlds, programmers and artists had to stick to the principle that the best songs are the ones we already know .

The developers from the very beginning, however, detached themselves from comparing their new game to the one created earlier by them and loved by fans of Fallout : New Vegas. After spending several dozen hours in the colony, I have no doubt where they got their inspiration. And this is not a complaint at all.

the outer worlds review ps4 playstation 4 pro screenshot

The Outer Worlds is an old-style RPG .

I will add immediately that the old style is the one presented by three-dimensional Fallouts from Bethesda or the Mass Effect game, not the one from the ancient Baldur's Gate. Clou is here that The Outer Worlds is not a RPG like The Witcher 3 - both in terms of mechanics and graphics.

However, here is everything a fan of classic RPGs could expect - from the choice of appearance, parameters and perks of the character, through the walls of the text and the need to make moral choices, ending with inventory management, faction system and quests. You don't want to leave the basement.

And all this is watered with a characteristic sense of humor.

Already in the character creator you can see that The Outer Worlds has a lot of distance to each other. However, it begins innocently, i.e. by choosing parameters describing the body (strength, dexterity), mind (intelligence, perception) and charm (temperament, personality). The player gets several points to raise them above average.

the outer worlds review ps4 playstation 4 pro screenshot

However, nothing prevents you from lowering some parameters to further increase the others. I decided to do it myself, because the parameters determine the initial level of skill, and I usually play RPG hacker / sniper and translate the strength of the argument over the argument of strength.

Skills to choose from are classics and classics.

The Outer Worlds divides them into several categories, from which some can be raised a little at the start. One such group included small arms, and the other firearms and energy weapons. Another one is skills related to rhetoric, and another - with scientific knowledge such as engineering or medicine. And so on.

After driving each successive level of experience, you can initially raise the level of all skills from a given group at once. After one of the skills for a given group exceeds 50 points out of 100, adding more to it develops only the remaining ones. The one already mastered in half, needs to be developed separately.

the outer worlds review ps4 playstation 4 pro screenshot

"Easy to learn, hard to master."

It's a nice system that allows you to quickly develop most skills in half, but does not allow you to hit the ceiling too quickly. In addition, character development on skills does not stop. In addition, there are various perks, such as faster running or greater lifting capacity, which is obtained every two levels.

The icing on the cake are professions. One of them can be chosen when creating the character and it is here that the mentioned humor appears. Although these are tiny bonuses in the form of, for example, raising one of the skills by a point or 3 percent. resistance to a given type of injury, I laughed aloud while reading.

Instead of an adventurer or engineer, you can play as a cashier or a janitor.

However, such a profession should be treated with a grain of salt, because it is not important during the game. Regardless of what the player's character did before, in the colony he will primarily talk and shoot. No wonder that equipment divided into several categories is equally important.

the outer worlds review ps4 playstation 4 pro screenshot

The player can use four different weapons at the same time. At first they are clubs, pistols and shotguns, but then they come with rifles, as well as heavy and energy weapons. There are also armor, also classic classics: light, medium or heavy. The player chooses whether he prefers better protection or skill bonuses.

There were also medicines.

The player can load an Inhaler, which is used to heal and improve their parameters during the fight, with various specifics. We won't see Stimpaks, Jet, Mentats or Nuka Cola, but there are other fancy food products and chemicals that you can stuff your body with.

This allows you to restore health and a special type of energy. The player can, on request, slow down time, which makes aiming easier. If the description gives the impression that this is equivalent to Fallout VATS mode, it is for a reason. The assumptions are very similar here.

the outer worlds review ps4 playstation 4 pro screenshot

A crafting system has also been implemented in the game.

However, it is quite ... primitive. Weapons and armor can be broken down into prime factors, and the parts obtained from this are then used to repair perishable equipment. In addition, workbenches can be used to mount modifications at selected locations. These are one-off.

You don't have to worry too much about ammo. There are three types: light, heavy and energetic and they fit all types of weapons - from pistols, rifles to grenade launchers. It is a pity that the equipment is not more diverse.

The menu based on square fields does not help either.

It is not very legible. Comparing the parameters of the equipment used with the one that has just been collected is not fun - it's more of an orc. As a result, I gave up the chemicals and I only have the equivalent of a Stimpak inhaler, just as I don't bother with modifications.

the outer worlds review ps4 playstation 4 pro screenshot

As for the menu, my comments don't stop there. For some reason, pressing the touchpad does not immediately show the map. In turn, changing the tabs to get to it is not intuitive - I'm still notoriously confusing L1 / R1 with L2 / R2. In addition, the cursor on the map moves at a sluggish pace.

Also, all quests are not marked on the map.

All this makes you unwilling to use it. This is not a Pip-Boy level, but after a few hours it's easy to get lost. The player moves with the help of a ship within the star system, where he visits planets, moons, asteroids, freighters, etc.

Often, one task requires visiting several different locations. You have to remember to do other things at the same time - you can't mark several tasks on the map at once. Still, you can live with it. Worse, a poor interface is not the only caveat I have The Outer Worlds.

the outer worlds review ps4 playstation 4 pro screenshot

It was for a reason that I focused on mechanics first and not on the plot.

The Outer Worlds is undoubtedly a game for fans of RPGs, but I mean players who have more fun preparing character builds and writing tables than the game itself. I have the impression that the story is completely subordinated to mechanics, not the other way around.

The theme itself may, however, be liked. The game is set in the future, and people have mastered the hibernation technology and interstellar travel. They also reached other systems. The player assumes the role of a colonist, but his cryogenic dream, which was to last for a decade, was significantly extended.

The player's character wakes up only after 70 years by a Phineas Welles.

He's a crazy scientist who tells the player that his freighter Hope - there was a second group of colonists on board - never arrived. The star system came under the control of several corporations whose representatives appeared in it earlier.

the outer worlds review ps4 playstation 4 pro screenshot

Under the supervision of the Council, which includes heads of several corporations, is developing a completely new civilization away from Earth. Not only does he look after the planets and moons, but in addition all residents are de facto her property. The whole of society is an exaggerated satire of capitalism.

People's lives are totally subordinated to work.

In childhood, everyone passes the competency test and is directed to the position in which they supposedly work best. Then they work there - colloquially speaking - of dying death. The system exploits them to such an extent that they have to pay for their funeral while still alive.

The gravedigger in the first city visited by the player makes sure that everyone fulfills this obligation meticulously. As a result of the plague, the corpse is made densely, and only the most efficient employees have access to medicines - those who are not sick.

the outer worlds review ps4 playstation 4 pro screenshot

On the one hand, capitalism and on the other - communism.

The game shows us what our world could evolve if corporations took over everything: hard work is not enough to get promoted on the social ladder. However, it seems that although we are still talking about work for privateers, the society is de facto living under a totalitarian whip.

As for the envelope, it is futuristic, but people live in it a bit like in the Wild West. The colony is like early America - outside the walls of cities full of robots there are armed bandits called Marauder and wild beasts, and transport between planets is difficult.

The game very quickly gives the player possession of the ship and makes it a freelancer.

Thanks to this, you can visit more planets, moons and space stations. There is no classic open world in the form of a huge map, but between buddy hubs - which usually consists of an agglomeration and an area full of enemies, which are e.g. outlaws, robots or fauna - you can travel freely.

the outer worlds review ps4 playstation 4 pro screenshot

However, the game tries to lead the player along a specific path by blocking some of the destinations at the initial stage of the game and tasks that require visiting different places in a certain order. However, you don't feel that it is a narrow corridor and there is a good feeling of freedom.

The world presented in The Outer Worlds is full of contradictions.

There is nothing to think about them for too long - to have fun, you need to look at this game with a grain of salt. Just as in the Fallout series, under the guise of a seriously told story, the absurd motifs, which are often a satire on our world, were smuggled every now and then.

As a result, the game is more like a series of cabaret sketches than a classic series with comedy elements. Certainly, everyone will not like it. I was hoping that the new game would be closer to Fallout in terms of climate, but I laughed more than once.

the outer worlds review ps4 playstation 4 pro screenshot

It is a pity, however, that the game does not defend itself when it comes to graphics quality.

My screenshots were taken on the PlayStation 4 Pro console and they don't crash. There was information before the premiere that Obsidian Entertainment, a studio bought by Microsoft in the course of the work on The Outer Worlds, did not prepare a version for this more powerful Sony console .

Unfortunately, it shows. Textures and character models are not detailed and the environment is static. As if the player was moving a pawn on an analog board. Of course, this does not make the game unplayable, but people who are looking for a realistic graphic design have nothing to look for here.

Just like shooter lovers.

The Outer Worlds is an RPG game in which players shoot and not a shooter with elements of erpega. Dealing with enemies using firearms is not very satisfying. Like most other activities. Still, I couldn't tear myself away from The Outer Worlds because ... I love RPGs.

the outer worlds review ps4 playstation 4 pro screenshot

I'm just one of those players for whom sitting at the calculator to calculate whether a new armor in combination with another rifle will give a better bonus is fun in itself. I'm also having fun choosing specific dialogue options to achieve a specific ending in a given quest.

In addition, if you omit the deficiencies of the engine, the style of the game can really be liked.

I prefer realistic looking games, but ... I think I'm a minority. Now the luminaire is catching up with conventionality and fairy tale - just look at what successes are, for example, Fortnite or Overwatch. Apex Legends or the Rage and Borderlands series could have been a model for Obsidian Entertainment.

Still, you can see the spirit of Fallout here. The worlds and character models are much more motley than in the nuclear wasteland, but the style of e.g. computers and corporate banners brings to mind the New Vegas universe. Bioshock and Dishonored fans will also find something for themselves.

the outer worlds review ps4 playstation 4 pro screenshot

The Outer Worlds - is it worth it or not?

Fallout 76 enthusiasts, especially New Vegas who were disappointed by Fallout 76, do not need to recommend this game - they will play anyway. I am convinced that they will have fun - as well as game enthusiasts in general RPG. As for others, here the matter is a bit more complicated and ... depends on the platform.

For Xbox owners, the new Obsidian Entertainment will be available as part of the Game Pass subscription. If someone pays a subscription now, it doesn't hurt to check it in practice. In turn, a monthly subscription for PLN 40 with access to The Outer Worlds for the premiere is a really nice offer.

For Sony consoles and PCs, before buying the game at the full price for the premiere, I would ask myself a few questions about whether the player really expects this from video games. Because it is pleasant fun for several dozen hours is a fact - but not everyone will like the humor and style.

The Outer Worlds is a game for fans of Fallout and RPGs in the old style


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