Poles make a hand prosthesis from Cyberpunk 2077 and show it to CD Projekt RED

prostheses glaze prosthetics

They are unique on a global scale. They help people recover from post-traumatic depression. Glaze Prosthetics creates custom dentures that can look almost any. The founders say this is just the beginning.

Polski Glaze Prostethics uses 3D printing technology and a few original ideas to create limb prostheses ideally suited to the needs of people with disabilities. It's not just about the perfectly matched dimension, but also about the appearance.

It would seem that this is an invention for those vain and more affluent of us - although there is nothing wrong with that, and even then the product would defend itself perfectly. However, during a long conversation with the founders, I listened to one of them talking in a shaky voice about the girl's case. Depressed, she regained her self-confidence when she could order an artificial hand in camo colors and regain sympathy for her body - at that time I began to understand that it was about something more.

Marketing in the world of prosthetics, strength and weaknesses of 3D printing and dentures from Cyberpunk 2077 - we talk to Glaze Prosthetics

Maciek Gajewski, Spider's Web: I don't hear about you for the first time. The media has already written about Glaze Prosthetics more than once. It's been a long time. How's it going?

Grzegorz Kosch, CEO Glaze Prosthetics: We would like it to go faster. Our team is still 5-6 people. We are definitely a lean startup, at least in this respect. However, taking into account the specifics of the market and our product, there is no chance for it to go faster. This is not another app. The prosthetic market is difficult, closed and quite conservative. The medical market is a matter of reimbursement or the need to build trust.

But we're still launching a new product. It is aimed at children - from the first month of life. Only in Poland, only in the first two months we have over 20 orders. In this industry it is a cosmic scale - it is like taking 50 percent straight away. market. So at the moment we are something between a startup and a company that already has a product and which is selling. We are present from Spain to the United States. We have a distribution network. You would always like faster and more, but you still have to mature.

We also have quite fresh success on our account. Glaze Prosthetics was selected for the finals - 16 teams from over 500 who competed - 43 North Buffalo competition. The main prize is $ 1 million in investments, 500,000 will be allocated for places from two to seven. dollars. In addition, part of the Glaze team will be required to relocate to Buffalo and start operating in the United States.

And what stops you from growing up? What challenges are you facing?

Franek Kosch, Business Development & Co-Founder Glaze Prosthetics: Many things. Like any medical device, each product must receive an appropriate certificate. Now, for example, the standard is changing - CE markings are disappearing in favor of ISO-13485, i.e. paper will be on seven kilometers. However, the biggest challenge is the conservative market.

prostheses glaze prosthetics

You are telling me the second time about the conservative industry. What does this actually mean?

Franek: You need a prosthetic funnel to support your Glaze prosthesis. So the connector between the body and the prosthesis. This funnel is made up of prosthetic technicians. And they create something like a caste.

Grzegorz: They would love to be doctors. They are very conservative people. They want them to come to them for purchase. They are the sellers, they decide what prosthesis is for which patient. Until now, no one had the courage to turn to the end user in the entire prosthetic world. To a person who has no arm and leg and show him the product advantage. We do it, but therefore we encounter resistance from these technicians.

Franek: They think: why a Polish company makes colorful hands and breaks the status quo that has been in force for a hundred years.

I don't quite understand. I know you have a unique product, but from the market point of view you are just another denture making company. You are not the only ones fighting for a customer. So why are you uphill?

Grzegorz: Because our product is very unusual. Just like technology, 3D printing. This gives us a huge advantage, because our dentures are the lightest in the world and one hundred percent individual - and not that you need to adjust something with the size. We can adjust the prosthesis to the centimeter. This is a different product, a different approach and a message directly to the client - and this is new on the market. In Poland, we already have an established position on the market, our dentures are sold relatively much here. Somehow, people have come to trust us faster. Elsewhere, we are a company from Poland with global ambitions. Getting to know us takes time.

And we, like every startup, are in a permanent investment round. We cannot afford large PR agencies, sales representatives, offices on local markets - these are the barriers that limit us. So it takes a long time.

Actually, it sounds problematic. And that's it. You are directed at the end customer, and how exactly is he supposed to know about you, since - as you admit - promotion on the global market, you cannot afford it yet?

Grzegorz: What we do and what is relatively simple is promotion on the Web and in social media. Problems start mainly when a potential customer goes to a local prosthetic facility. So to the technician we talked about earlier, to make him the funnel with our components. And here is this barrier - we need resources and traders to build the trust of technicians in each country who will recommend our product. There were cases that the customer wanted to buy our product and the technician advised him not to know us. We need to focus on persuading technicians. Our experience teaches us that a technician convinced to us solves the problem of sales.

prostheses glaze prosthetics

Or maybe it's about this 3D printing? I just know that you also have different 3D printing techniques. But the layman in this topic most often watches consumer displays 3D printers, creating imprecise objects from fragile and very fragile material.

Grzegorz: That is why we talk about this technology, we show it, but we do not exaggerate it - because, in fact, there is such a belief. We use HP MultiJet Fusion, a durable technology that creates durable and beautifully finished products. However, we do not display this 3D print in our message. Because in fact these common 3D printing technologies are simply dangerous for their users - in the context of dentures, of course.

Okay, actually, what should a good prosthesis have? Your are unique because of their appearance - I understand. But it's not just about the appearance. What should a good prosthesis have?

Grzegorz: The prosthetic hopper is key. It has to be comfortable, just like that. For now, we have no influence on this. We are working to create perfectly designed funnels, but this is for the future for us for now. The rest depends on the client and his needs. Slightly different prostheses are for people without a forearm for fishing or cycling, and others need a prosthesis for a motorbike. This is a very individual matter. However, all customers repeat one thing: the prosthesis should be light. Because we carry the whole prosthesis with a non-stop harness. And here our dentures are the best on the market, because they are the lightest - up to 50% lighter than the competition.

And you can even talk about something like a typical customer? So statistical?

Franek: We used to think that it exists. That this is a young person injured in some unfortunate accident. We were totally wrong. It turns out that the age section is 12-75 years old. Recently, we had a delighted old gentleman, because our prosthesis is light, easy to detach and grandchildren will like it. We have people from big cities, we have people from villages near Kraków. There is no model customer. We made a fundamental mistake at first deleting, for example, older people. But that's a nice mistake.

When you talk about older people, the question immediately arises to me: "how much does it cost and why is it so expensive?" Do you cooperate with state authorities on refunds? Maybe with private insurers?

Grzegorz: It's different in every country. The refund system in every place is completely different. In developed countries you can get any prosthesis free of charge. A lump sum of PLN 1,000 to 4,500 applies in Poland. PLN, regardless of whether the denture costs 3 thousand. PLN or 300 thousand zł. - he will always get the same amount from the National Health Fund. Although you can apply for funding from other institutions. In Poland, unfortunately, we need to add some to our prostheses. But we are not much more expensive than the competition.

Is there any invention you are waiting for? Something that will make your - and your competition - dentures even better?

Franek: Definitely the opportunity to design a prosthetic hopper without a prosthetist. We would like to someday be able to order a prosthesis simply via the Internet.

Grzegorz: Then the dentures will be cheaper too! There is no margin for brokers, distributors, technicians ... we're working on it. We are certainly also observing the development of technology that allows us to feel something that is touched by the prosthesis. But this is not even in the prototypes - or at least we are not aware of the existence of such. Although we know that academic circles are working on it.

And marketing issues? For now, copyrights even prevent you from creating a hand a la Marvel's Iron Man, but maybe someday ...?

Grzegorz: Our competition has a deal with Marvel - created Hero Arm. But we have another important company in Poland. CD Projekt RED. We would like to make a hand out of Cyberpunk 2077. We are currently working on it. When we're done, we'll talk to them then - I hope we can get along.

Wow! A great idea. And if you think: so obvious to you! IM very impressed. Despite this - forgive yourself, you understand - I wish you as few customers as possible. Although if someone needs a prosthesis, I hope you can reach him. Thank you very much for the conversation and time .

We too!

Poles make a hand prosthesis from Cyberpunk 2077 and show it to CD Projekt RED


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